The Best Natural Skin Care Products

The Best Natural Skin Care Products
The short answer? The best natural skincare products are the ones you’ll use, that give you the same results and benefits as larger corporate branded products.

The average woman applies up to 15 products and 200 chemical and natural compounds to her body each day. We all know that natural is better, but we also love our foamy shower gels, picture-perfect cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants.

So, how to find the best natural skin care products, without having to move to an organic-farm in California? One product at a time. This article will give you a few strategies to start phasing out some big-brand cosmetics, soaps and personal care items for simpler, natural items on your own terms.

Shampoo and Shower Gel - The thing you need to know about shampoo and shower gel is this: they don’t need to make a lather. Harmful chemicals like parabens, pthalates and sodium laury sulfate (SLS) are included in most name-brand products to make the product foam, last longer and add cheap fragrance. Look for products that don’t contain these synthetics.

Tip: Try organic baby shampoo from California Baby, or other brands in your local health food store. That same local health food store will be able to help you with your own natural skincare recipes and ingredients if you're feeling like a little beauty DIY.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant - Look for products without aluminum compounds, and paraben free. Your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant are going to be hard to replace, but getting those harmful chemicals away from your delicate skin and out of your bloodstream is worth the effort.

Tip: Test your new underarm products on the weekend - you don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable or smelly at work or school.

Cosmetics - Read the labels! You should be on the lookout for fillers and chemicals that would twist your tongue to pronounce. Words like organic, or all-natural are a good hint - botanical is likely a step in the wrong direction.

Luckily, many cosmetics lines have strong labeling and are increasingly developing organic, safe cosmetics from renewable sources. Again, this is going to be hit and miss.

Tip: Mineral Make-up! All natural, safe and absolutely gorgeous, Revlon and Physicians Choice have released mineral lines, as well as Bare Escentuals. These are a great quick replacement for blushes, powders and eye color – test, test, test for concealers, lip color and mascara.

Hair Color - At home hair color contains some very questionable ingredients, drug store brand vary in their use of natural ingredients, and several natural sounding brands from major cosmetic companies have almost no "natural" ingredients at all.

If you can afford to go to a salon that offers eco-friendly hair dye, with fewer additives, (like Aveda) that's a good start to weaning off the home stuff.

Your other major option is Henna. Henna is a pain to apply, and can make your bathroom smell a little like the inside of a hamster cage, but women have been using it for hundreds of years and it does work. It fades out, rather than grows out. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, give henna a try - it’s 100% natural and safe.

Unfortunately, when switching to a greener lifestyle and a safer beauty routine, there are no shortcuts. What works for one woman, may not work for the next. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and try something new.

The most important factor in finding the best natural skincare products is your commitment to better health and a cleaner earth.

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