Raintree: Sanctuary

Raintree: Sanctuary
Hello, and welcome back! The weather here is gorgeous for a few days, and I'm actually off today from work, so I can try to get caught up on the yard work that suffered while it was too hot to go outside the last few weeks. My reading, however, has not suffered, and I have quite a lot of July books here waiting to be shared with you. About twenty, actually, not including today's pair of paranormals.

Raintree: Sanctuary (Silhouette Nocturne) by Beverly Barton is up first with the final book in the Raintree trilogy. Sister Mercy Raintree is under fire this time, and she'll do what she has to to protect her family. Judah Ansara is the Dranir of the Ansara, the Raintree's enemy; he is also the father of Mercy's child, only he's unaware of that small detail when he comes to stop an Ansara assassin from killing Mercy. But the knowledge changes many things for him, changes him, as well. This one is the climax of the renegade Ansara's attack on the Raintree clan, who'd believed the Ansara couldn't fight them again after the last few centuries. I didn't like this one as well as I liked the last two, and I liked the first of the trilogy best. Judah comes dangerously close here to crossing a line that would make him a rapist, which didn't make me like this story any better. Frankly, the Howard was the best story of the lot, followed by the Winstead Jones and then this one. The only thing I can console myself now with is the knowledge that in about two weeks, I'll have Linda Howard's latest romantic suspense in my eager hands.

My Sister is a Werewolf (Brava) by Kathy Love is next. Elizabeth Young is working hard to find a cure to her being a werewolf. Jensen Adler just happens to be handy when she finds herself in need of a man. Or that's what she tells herself, anyway. Elizabeth knows she's totally not the kind of woman Jensen should be with, if only she could persuade her hormones to stop wanting him and only him. But Jensen's not willing to give up the woman who's made him stop living in the past, and he'll fight to keep her, even if it means taking on a mean old werewolf with bad intentions to win her. Or something even more momentous. This one has Love's trademark quirky humor, as well as a steamy attraction between this pair that will keep you reading to find out just how this one works out. This one's earned three and a half of Cupid's five arrows.

Until next time, happy reading!

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