Alicia Rose Fighting The Powers That Be

Alicia Rose Fighting The Powers That Be
Part Two

The methadone clinic was taking too long getting Alicia Rose into
detox. I had her at the Emergency Room every night for at least 2 weeks
where she was given I.V. morphine and Demerol. At one point she was so
dehydrated that they were going to admit her to the hospital for fear she
needed to avoid this! There were many times we sat in the Emergency
Room for hours waiting to be seen.

I had high hopes that my child could finally live a normal, drug free life
(while on methadone) and be able to stand on her own. Those hopes were
gone because of an arbitrary and absolutely undeserved Administrative

My daughter committed suicide, on January 23rd, 1999 at the age of 23.
She could have been a working, happy, and productive member of society
but they held that Methadone over her head like the drug she was trying to
get away from. They were no better than LEGAL DRUG DEALERS -
TO THROW YOU TO THE CURB. (The Powers That Be....)

After her death, I called the woman, who had denied her appeal (everything that was giving her dirty urines she had a legal script for) and I told her who I was and she asked me if Alicia was using again? I told her that she wasn’t, that she had killed herself and that I held her personally responsible for my daughters death because she had to show all those “lowlife drug addicts” that she, and only she, had the power to give or take away the one thing that could give them a chance to live a productive life. I also told her that the next time she decided to administratively detox anyone, I hoped my daughter’s face flashes in front of her and that she must live with the reality of what she had done. Methadone is used to help those addicted to heroin become useful and productive members of society, which is exactly what my daughter was doing … until the methadone was taken away. This woman knew, factually, that the dirty urines were from legal scripts written by a licensed doctor who was very aware of all the problems that my daughter was having, along with the fact that my daughter was participating in the methadone clinic for heroin addiction.

THE “WAR ON DRUGS” is a joke! There IS no “War On Drugs.” If the government wanted to really take control of this problem it would be done, period. I also might shock many people if I told them I would have purchased heroin for my daughter to keep her alive...YES! I WOULD AND I DID FUND HER ADDICTION AT TIMES WHEN SHE HAD TO WAIT FOR A BED IN A REHAB.

For all of our children - that their lives and deaths had some meaning to
something or someone other than those who loved them. They are the truly
lost souls of this world but they are now in a better place. The Lord watches
over people with problems like drug addiction and alcohol addiction it says
it in the Bible.

Part 3 next week.

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