Using spells to change someone else

Using spells to change someone else
Once again, someone has asked for a specific spell to change how a man feels(knowing that men do this too, I am using the words he/she as it happened for this particular example).

The writer asks *How can I make him love me? I love him so much and he can't tell. Please write me a spell so I can have him see how true I am*.

I am not able to do this for a myriad of reasons. First of all, I know that magic is more than a give-me-what-I-want experience. It most certainly is not a give-someone-I-don't-know-what-they-ask-for, either. If that were true, imagine the chaos that would ensue? The people who wanted things sunny would cancel out the people who wanted things rainy. The very person who wants love may have a love repelling spell put on them by the person who doesn't want that love. It boggles the mind.

All magic should be done with the full intent and outcome considered. It is not a whimsical talent to fling around casting love spells, trip over your shoelaces spells and make mom forget I snuck out spells. Can you see where my most recent emails have taken me? Although no one can guess every possible effect their actions may take, they must consider that they are asking for a change to happen with the *hope* that their desire is the outcome. They also realize that it is not guaranteed to happen that way and be open to whatever happens.

Honestly? My particular path has not taken me to a mindset of changing others's perceptions of reality at all. I find that my spiritual life is about the passage of the wheel of time and highlighting moments of life itself, like birth and death, puberty and menopause.

Healing is also a large part of who I am and my knowledge is focusing on being honoring the words of wisdom or at least making sense of a chaotic environment. I seem to end up being the go-to girl for fixing a physical ailment or listening to someone filled with angst work out their problems over a cup of tea. For no reason other than this is my strength and this is the area that I exercise the most.

If you are one who is searching for someone else to make up a spell for you, stop and think of what you are actually asking for. Do not change someone's reality. Do not try to twist life to fit you. There is so much to be enjoyed in the natural rhythm of life if you are a centered and peaceful person. Try to focus on changes within yourself and see where that takes you.

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