Restasis Chronic Dry Eye Medication

Restasis Chronic Dry Eye Medication
Restasis is a prescribed medication designed to assist the eyes function of producing tears to prevent dryness of the outer covering of the eye.

Restasis is indicated for use to relieve the symptoms of the eye condition known as Chronic Dry Eye syndrome. Restasis works best with the chronic dry eye condition caused by lack of tear production due to swelling or inflammation blocking the eyes production of tears.

Over 350 studies involving the eye condition known as “Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome“ are ongoing, in the recruiting phase or completed. Approximately, seventeen research studies were available that involved the use of Restasis for treatment with symptoms of dry eye syndrome and other treatments/surgeries involving the eyes. More information and results of the studies on clinical trials involving Restasis can be found on the Federal drug administration website at:

**An excellent way to locate research studies involving Restasis is to complete a search using the words, “Restasis Allergan”. Allergan is the company that produces the medication Restasis.


1. Patients who currently have an active eye infection should not use Restasis
2. Individuals who wear contact lenses should avoid the use of Restasis when contacts are in use.
3. No research information on the use of Restasis with individuals who have a Herpes viral infection are available. Individuals should inform their doctor of this condition before using Restasis.

**Research results revealed that patients who received tear duct plugs or where using anti-inflammatory medications did not experience improvement from dry eye symptoms or production of tears from the use of Restasis.

Side Effects:

1. Eye redness
2. Itchy eyes
3. Feeling of a foreign body in the eye
4. Blurred vision
5. Watery eyes
6. Eye discharge
7. Temporary burning or stinging pain immediately after administration of the eye drops

**Any side effect or negative symptom noticed when using a drug or medication should be reported to the Federal Drug Administration(FDA). You can report drug side effects by calling: 1-800-221-1088 or by visiting the website at:

**Should artificial tears be used in conjunction with Restasis?

If an individual is using artificial tears and begins the use of Restasis the individual should continue the artificial tears. Restasis can take a considerable amount of time(three to six months) to start improving the eyes ability to produce tears. The continued use of artificial tears can help relieve the symptoms of dry eye until Restasis begins to work. If Restasis provides the necessary amount of moisture to relieve dry eye then reducing the number of times artificial tears are used should be considered.

Restasis Dosage:

Restasis is packaged in easy to use one drop bottles. The medication should be administered one drop in each eye every twelve hours(twice a day). One dosage consists of two one drop bottles therefore, one month supply is sixty bottles packaged in separate boxes containing two one drop vials. The one drop bottles should be discarded after use.

Editor’s note:

I do not use Restasis. I have not received any form of compensation for posting this information about Restasis. The article is for informational/educational use only and any decision to use Restasis should be followed under the advice of your eye care physician.

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