Guided Meditation for Mabon

Guided Meditation for Mabon
Guided meditations are a great practice for Wiccans. They relax the mind and let it flow into a fantasy state in which visions are possible. This guided meditation puts you together with the God at Mabon, which is the second harvest of the year. Here, the Lord wears the persona of the Steward of the Earth. He shows you how to give of your own abundance to increase it tenfold. Record your voice reading the scenario…very slowly. When you are done recording, sit or lie down somewhere quiet, play back the recording, and allow yourself to see and feel everything it says. When spoken, the meditation is about eight to ten minutes long.


You stand on the threshold of a great hall. It is a mighty lodge of rough-hewn logs with a ceiling that lifts far overhead. Beyond the reach of nine ash spears laid end to end does that ceiling soar. The columns that hold up this vast roof are living oak trees. Ancient grape vines coil around their massive trunks and jewel-toned grapes shine among the dark spreading leaves. If you look straight up, the trees vanish into clouds. Not smoke, but clouds. If you look outward across the hall, you see huge bonfires that leap and crackle in stone-lined pits. Above each is a skylight cut into the distant roof to release the smoke and sparks. Some skylights show the stars we know. Some show the constellations of a different world. And others show the sunlit skies from different seasons. Time is irrelevant here. The Harvest is now.

You step inside the great hall and crowds swirl around you. People, eating, drinking, dancing. Their garb marks them from every human era. Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age and forward. They have found solace and splendor here. Shelter. As you walk past the roaring bonfires, you see the merry faces of everyone you have ever known who has gone before you to the Summerland. All your long-lost pets are here as well. You shiver to feel a furry body rub against your ankles or a cold nose thrust into your palm, inviting a caress. But you are not dreaming.

Soon you come across a vast banquet table loaded with an endless feast. Everyone partakes, coming and going as he or she pleases. At the head of the table sits the Lord of the Harvest, he who is known as the Steward of the Earth. With kind eyes, he has watched you since you first found your way to his hall. Now he beckons to you. He shows you to the seat on his right hand. With a smile he greets you. You have come home. You are in the presence of your Father who has known you and cherished you since the moment of your birth.

"What is your greatest blessing, my Child?" he asks. "I tried to give you the best. I wanted to arm you against the cruelties of life. What has turned out to be my greatest gift?"

The answer expands in your mind like the rising sun. It might be your health. It might be your children. It might be the passion and closeness that you share with the love of your life. It might be your creative expression or the work with which you give back to the world. You must name it to summon its essence to the great hall.

As you do so, your greatest blessing appears as a golden chalice. It overflows with a sparkling substance that looks like sunlight made fluid. Within this liquid, you see a reflection of the Steward's greatest gift to you. Concentrate on it. Let it fill your mind. This treasure is the source of your strength as you struggle through the hardships specific to your life.

Now the people come forward with their own cups in hand. Their eyes shine with anticipation. They bow with great reverence. At first you think that they are honoring the Lord who sits beside you. But it is you to whom they are grateful. One by one, they dip their cups into your chalice and drink deeply of the elixir. Their eyes grow brighter and their faces flush with vibrant life; they become beautiful as gods. You realize that you are not giving away your health or your children or your creative expression. Instead, you are sharing the strength that your greatest blessing imparts to you. It is a wellspring that will never run dry. As you are transformed by your source of strength, so do your actions transform everyone in your life.

You look at the Harvest Lord as you realize what he has shown you. He lays his hand along the side of your face. You feel it like gentle lightning, awakening every nerve. He says to you, "Go forth in your wisdom and be my light in the world."

See also Three Harvest Kings.

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