When Your Kid Is Being Bullied

When Your Kid Is Being Bullied

Unfortunately, kids who are being bullied rarely want to talk about it. For some reasons, they expect the bully to stop and they wish for the experience to go away. The truth however, is that bullies don’t just stop because you hoped for them to stop. Some of these bullies especially school children, are so mean, so much that an adult may have to step in and help put a stop to it. In other words, when your kid is being bullied, do not expect him or her to broadcast it from the roof top, or coming running to you, because he or she most likely won’t. What you do as parents is to always, always be the on alert. Put in another way, paying closer attention to your kids will help you pick up little tell-tale signs that something is up with your kid.
Again because you know your kid would not out rightly tell you what‘s up with him, do not ask him directly if he’s being bullied either. You can ask in a round-about way while closely gagging his reaction or response.

If this happy kid is suddenly withdrawn or moody, get closer to him, prod him in a subtle and casual manner until he opens up and tells you what’s bothering him, keeping in mind that he didn’t just change, something must have brought on the new mood and that something is definitely troubling him. It could be pressure from school work, or could be a certain bad grade or a bully is after him. If this kid is having any of these worries, this kid may look for ways to deal with these challenges. If the parents of a kid in a situation like the ones mentioned are not observant enough, they may not know what their kid is dealing with until it either gets worse, as the kid in question is more likely to turn to bad crowd. If they feel their parents do not care enough to know they are not happy, they find means to solve their personal problems.

Finally, after you ascertain for a fact that your kid is indeed being bullied, by all means, take it up and I’ll say in any way you deem fit as a parent. You could either talk with the class teacher, or to the kid's parents, or to the school authority or handle it in any way you can to make sure the bully stops. However, try not to make your actions so open so as not to embarrass your kid before the other students.

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