How to Use Digital Planner Template Kit

How to Use Digital Planner Template Kit
When you wish to create a new paper design using one of the templates from your Digital Planner Template Kit, follow these basic steps. Your paper design will have several layers. Let's work from the bottom upward (see screenshot).

Background Colors or Graphics

One of the easiest ways to colorize the background of your paper design is to give it a solid background color or add a patterned background. You will do this by changing the color for the Page Base Color layer from white to the color of your choice or by replacing this layer with a patterned background graphic of the same size as the layer.

Page Content Color Layer

The Page Content Color layer is white with a black stroke. The black stroke is there to outline the page content area. It was added to the template to give you a guideline when placing your artwork and other design details to the layout. Once you have completed your paper design, turn off the visibility of the Page Content Color layer.

Columns and Rows

Like the Page Content Color layer discussed above, the columns and rows in your template also have a stroke around the edge. Also, each column and row is a rectangle area, or spacial zone, for the user to add their own text, hand writing or stickers. As these rectangles become part of the design, you may want to recolor them as needed. Also you may want to turn off the stroke for each rectangle, as needed for your paper design.

Title and Other Text Placeholders

When creating the notesLayout, weeklyLayout and yearlyLayout templates, you added the title placeholder. Now it's time to change the text for the placeholder, as well as change the font and other styling for the text.

Artwork and Design Details

You may wish to add your own artwork, text art or other design details. This could be small graphics placed at the corners of the paper layout. Another example could be a pattern inside the margin around the content area. But how would this be done?

You will start by replacing the Page Base Color layer with a patterned background graphic and set the Page Content Color layer to the color of your choice. The Page Content layer will hide most of the patterned background. But the part that can be seen becomes a patterned margin around the content area.

Exporting Your Paper Design

When you are ready to save you paper design for yourself or for selling in your store, you will want to export the design in the format needed for your project. Some of the formats are jpeg, png and pdf. With the artboard selected, click File - Export from the top menu, to export the design.

After exporting your paper design, do not save the 002_digitalPlannerTemplateKit with your design details and other changes. Revert the template back to the original state before you save the template (File - Export as Template) or close the template without saving the changes.

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