Drawing a Pumpkin Shape in Adobe Illustrator CS3

Drawing a Pumpkin Shape in Adobe Illustrator CS3
This tutorial will introduce you to the Pen tool in Illustrator CS3. We will draw a simple pumpkin shape using only the Pen tool.

  1. Our first step is to start a new image. We will set the Width and Height to 5 inches, the Color Mode to RGB and the Raster Effects to 300 ppi.

  2. Rename the default Layer 1 in the Layers Panel to "Pumpkin".

  3. Click on the Pen tool in the Tools Panel. Set the Fill to an orange color and the Stroke to null.

    Now we are ready to draw the pumpkin. You may want to open the example in a separate window. Each point that we will create has a Direction Line. Use the position or angle of the Direction Lines as a guide when creating the curved lines for our pumpkin.

  4. We will start with the top of the pumpkin. Click once to set the first point. Do not hold down the mouse button as you move the mouse pointer to the next position. When you click on the second point, hold down the mouse button and drag down and to the right. As you do this, you will see the Direction Line appear. Drag the mouse until your line matches the example. This should make the first curve for our pumpkin.

  5. For the third point, click down about two thirds of the height for your pumpkin. Your pointer should be directly under point 2. When you click to make this point, do not drag with the mouse. This will create the long curve of the side of the pumpkin.

  6. The fourth point will finish the right side of the pumpkin. When you create this point, it should be over to the left and between points 1 and 2. Click and drag to create the smooth curve of the pumpkin.

  7. Position point 5 almost directly under point 1 and slightly lower than point 4. Drag to the left with the mouse to make the first indentation on the bottom of the pumpkin.

  8. Position point 6 more to the left. Drag to the left again to complete the hump on the bottom of the pumpkin.

  9. Point 7 will create the lower part of the left side of the pumpkin. Position the point about mid-height and drag all the way up to the top to create the curve. (see example)

  10. Position point 8 at the top of the pumpkin and one third of the way inside. Drag to the right slightly to create the top curve.

  11. The ninth point will complete the pumpkin. Position your mouse over point 1 and you will see the plus sign change to a o. Click on point 1 to close the path.

Congratulations, you have drawn your first shape with the Pen tool.

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