When Too Much of Everything Becomes Poison

When Too Much of Everything Becomes Poison
While I believe in and totally agree with taking proper care of our kids, showering them with ceaseless love and affection, we do need to watch that we do not spoil or over pamper our kids in the process. A child who is used to getting everything he wants would grow up believing life to be that easy. The problem here is that when he or she gets denied of something outside, he either gets violent or does other rash things to get what he wants. When he also gets used to large allowances or spending money, he is exposed to bad groups. Moderation or knowing where to strike a balance is the key here. Here are some reasons why too much of everything may be poison.

1. They miss the lesson in responsibility: Responsibility is a strong family value that should be thought in every home. Children should be made to understand that while they have the right to make their own choices, they are also responsible for the choices that they make, whether good or bad.

2. They miss the lesson in respect: When a child is thought to respect money for instance, he or she spends with caution. This is a lesson we as parents will have to pass on to our children. Giving a child too much spending money, exposes him or her to bad crowds, ideas or gets him addicted to spending. A child who is from a wealthy home must understand that it may not be so for other kids, and he/she should respect that fact.

3. They miss the lesson in discipline: A child who is lacking in discipline would in no time become a nuisance to the society at large. The task to discipline our children should not be left for their teachers at school to do. You know what they say about charity begging at home.

4. They miss the lesson in hard work: Children will appreciate hard work better if they are made to do home chores. Even from a very young age, a child who has learnt to at least clean up after him/herself, would know how to take of himself even as an adult. More so, the child who understands that his parents would not go an speak to his teacher on his behalf, would take his school work seriously. It's saddening to hear cases where parents either bribe their kid's way through school. When you do that, you are not doing your kid any favors.

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