Japanese Christmas Cake Recipe

Japanese Christmas Cake Recipe
The Japanese just like every other Nation, love the holidays and contrary to popular belief, the Japanese [even if it’s a minority] love celebrating Christmas too and its in a very simple uncomplicated and of cos special way.

For instance there is not much slaving over the stove and all you ladies [and Men] who are tired of all the hullabaloo, of our regular traditional Christmas Eve dinner, the Japanese way of celebrating Christmas, would surely give you some pointers and of cos a break from the norm.

Now, If you would like to experience Christmas, the Japanese way, why not try these very simple tips.

For starters, there can’t be Christmas without Christmas Eve, so we’ll start from the Traditional Japanese Christmas Eve Dinner and surprisingly, you don’t go to the kitchen, except to get the plates and eating utensils.

What I mean is, the Japanese don’t bother with cooking Christmas Eve Dinner like we do, they rather eat out and mind you not at some fancy restaurant but at home.

All they do is get a bucket of chicken and the whole family shares. Did I hear you say not fancy enough? Well if you are tired, of the gigantic turkeys or Ham and your christmas wish, is to have a "low cost" Christmas Eve Dinner dinner, that you would have with family and loved ones that doesn’t involve too much washing up afterwards.
Then why not do your Christmas Eve Dinner, the Japanese style just pop into your local KFC and that’s it!

Now after your Fried chicken, its time for desert and what other sweet stuff, can make our day at Christmas, than a plate of delicious Japanese Christmas Cake.

Japanese Christmas Cake is actually a sponge cake, that is topped with fruit and whipped cream, and the Japanese just love to make this cake for Christmas, apparently its simplicity is a winner, not to mention that its still delicious too.

Interested? Well you don’t need to get on the next flight to Japan, cos here is a recipe for a Traditional Japanese Christmas Cake.

Japanese Christmas Cake Recipe:



To make our traditional Japanese Christmas Cake, first preheat your oven to about 350 degrees, next whisk your eggs in a bowl [now be real careful, as the next part might seem tricky] fill a larger bowl with hot water and place the bowl of whisked egg into the bowl of hot water, continue to whisk the egg as you slowly sprinkle some sugar into it.

When the mixture has a yellow color, slowly sift flour into the egg and mix lightly, next melt butter into another bowl and mix well with milk, add to the egg mixture and stir gently.

Then place waxing paper into a cake pan and pour the cake batter into the pan, bake for between 25 to 35 mins, later remove cake and let it cool, as cake is cooling, whip your cream in a bowl with sugar, then divide it into two and add your chopped fruit, such as strawberries, peaches or whatever fruit you prefer into one half of your whipped cream.

Now we get to the mouth watering part, when the cake is properly cooled, cut it in half preferably horizontal and spread the cream and fruit mixture, onto one of the slices, next place the other half of the cake, on top of the cake with the cream and fruit.

Next spread the other fruitless cream on top and all around the cake then decorate with any fruit of your choice. Finally your Japanese Christmas Cake is ready!

Simplicity with mouth smacking deliciousness, that’s the Traditional Japanese Christmas Cake for you, I hope to get delicious responses from you, enjoy!

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