Improve Your House with a Window Box

Improve Your House with a Window Box
Window boxes improve the appearance of your home. Anyone can add a window box wherever they live and they are easy to maintain. Even if you don’t have a yard, or have a small garden then a window box can be attached to your window and maintained from inside your house.

Choose a window box that won’t rot. You can make it yourself, or buy them ready made. Window boxes can be made from wood, plastic, copper, iron, tin, ceramic, terra-cotta, stone, wire, or fiberglass. Make sure it is firmly fastened to your window, as you don’t want it falling off when it is full. The box can be painted or stained a wood color. If you are building a window box, make sure there are drainage holes in it.

Most window boxes you can buy are 3 or 4 feet long. The advantage of making it yourself is that you can build the box the exact size of the window. Window boxes need to be at least 4 inches wide or the soil will dry up and you’ll be constantly watering.

Put a layer of stones in the box, then potting soil and fertilizer up to about two thirds of the height. The ideal flowers to put in a window box are easy to maintain annuals such as petunia, cyclamen, pansies, miniature roses, and impatiens. Alternatively you could grow yourself an herb garden: sage, basil, parsley and rosemary will grow well in a window box.

The decision as to which flowers to put in depends on if the window box will be in the shade or in full sun. You need to plant flowers that will not grow too tall and cover the window, but a mixture of some that grow up, some that hang down and a variety of color as well as plants that will be bushy and fill in the available space.

When the flowers are in full bloom, you may need to water daily, especially if they are in the sun. Tend to the plants by regularly removing the heads of the flowers that have died, then you will keep it looking good. Regular deadheading keeps annuals flowering instead of going to seed, and keeps plants looking their best.

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