World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day
For World Cancer Day I felt it important to give you some current information on where we stand as a global community on the subject of this common and devastating disease.

How Cancer Begins
Cancer is a very broad topic. It covers literally the entire scope of the human body. There are over twenty kinds of cancer now, but you can develop it on practically any part of your body. The reason for that is because of the way cancer forms. Cancer forms when cells inside the body divide and become imbalanced. Healthy cells are attacked by free radicals, which are wild, incomplete cells. They harvest what they need from otherwise healthy cells and cause them to become unbalanced. The newly unbalanced healthy cell then harvests what it needs from another healthy cell, leaving it unbalanced, and the cycle just keeps going. When this happens skin starts to breakdown inside or outside the body. The severity of the cancer depends on how long the cell division has been going on, and will thus bring a cancer that is treatable, or one that is terminal. What’s a person to do?

I will answer that question in a moment, but first let’s take a look at current global numbers:

12.7 Million people (male and female) are diagnosed.
7.6 Million people (male and female) will die.

= ½ of those diagnosed will die.

Predicted by 2030
13.1 Million people will die (WHO)
= double the current number today

#1 Worldwide
Lung Cancer
1.37 Million deaths reported in 2008 (tobacco use is a known significant contributor-NCI)

Skin Cancer
U.S. stats show 10% of girls 14-17 use tanning beds. (Indoor tanning is a known contributor to skin cancer- NCI)

Stomach Cancer
736,000 deaths per year (WHO)

20% of deaths are related to these three viruses. We all know what HIV is. Did you know that one of the main contributors to Cervical Cancer in women is from the HPV virus? An Oncologist told me this virus is sexually transmitted. So whatever side of the aisle you stand on here, be sure to use measures of precaution - whatever that means to you.

You Don't Have to be Old
18.6% are at risk who are under the age of 75, which translates to the fact that you don’t have to be old to get cancer. Young children are diagnosed with cancer every day in well-developed countries. (IARC)

National Cancer Conference
In August a National Cancer Conference will be hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Washington, D.C. Experts from all over the world are expected to be there to talk about the current research being done today. Hopefully, we will hear some news that will benefit us in common and practical ways. 120 Country leaders have pledged to make it their priority to tackle cancer and other non-communicable diseases. (CDCP)

30% Deaths Preventable
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that a whopping 30% of deaths from cancer are from preventable causes. They include the use of tobacco and alcohol, obesity, eating an unhealthy diet, and living a sedentary lifestyle.
This translates into the fact that if unhealthy lifestyle choices were reversed, 30% of deaths would not have the chance to occur!

In The Meantime
I am glad to see countries coming together on this issue, and it is my hope that something can be done on a grand scale to help. But as you can see above, a large percentage of deaths from cancer can be omitted in the future by those who will begin living a healthy lifestyle now. Just ask any cancer survivor and they will tell you about living a healthy life.

Cancer Survivors Know Health
After cancer treatment, it is no longer a good option to live an unhealthy life. The body is changed molecularly from radiation and treatments, and many survivors must make huge transitions in lifestyle choices and eating habits to stay healthy. There are many bloggers on the Internet that are cancer survivors who offer tips on diet, relationships, and resources regarding almost anything a person needs. You will find a lot of encouragement and hope there.

If you haven’t read my Biography, I am a cancer survivor-twice, and I pledge to you that I am telling you the truth. Many of my articles are about prevention, because prevention is equivalent to health. If you look up prevention anywhere, you will see healthy food recipes that are tasty and satisfying, and you will not feel like you are being denied. You will also find good exercise routines that fit any person at any age, regardless of their current health status. You can begin right this moment in living a healthy lifestyle!

Be sure and click on my article listed below on prevention.

I also highly recommend, a website owned by Susan Gonzalez,RN, and a Stage 3 Breast Cancer survivor! She offers skin care products made of 100% natural ingredients. While you're there, click on her blog site, called The Savvy Sister. There she offers "small changes for healthy living", and it is chock-full of helpful information! Check out her Bio - you will laugh and be in awe of the attitude of this "never-say-die" powerhouse!

(,WHO,NCI,CDCP;via Nathan Grey, Writer, Public Health Advocate, Social Media Fan. Follow Nathan on Twitter @nngrey, or his website RecallBias

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