Why Kids Use Drugs

Why Kids Use Drugs
Adults are not the only ones, who need to watch their health, handle their stress level or undergo therapy. Our children also have their worries. Sometimes we get lost in our own problems, that we neglect the warning signals that our kids are behaving in a certain strange way. By understanding some of the reasons why children use drugs, we will be able identify the warning clues that something is amiss. Only then would we be able to help them. Here are some reasons why teens use drugs. Note however that there are lots of other reasons why kids use drugs these days.

1. Personal stress: Different things could be responsible for teen or teenage stress. Pressure from their peer, pressure from trying to keep up their grades or other school works, pressure from wanting the approval of their parents, this could go on and on. A child, who has to deal with all these, is susceptible to drugs use and other vices. Whatever advert he sees on TV or hears from friends at school would sound pretty appealing to him or her.

What to do: Pay closer attention to your teen/teenagers; do not merely assume they are being just as difficult as teens there ages are generally known to be. If you can figure out his/her problem early enough, you will be able to help before things get out of hand. Note that by helping you are not out to make him or her feel worse.

2. Emotional instability: You will agree that children who witness the divorce f their parents have a tougher time dealing with the situation. They are as shattered emotionally as their parents. Some kids take longer time to accept the situation than others, mostly because they feel betrayed by their parents. Most teens/teenagers try turn to drugs to help them deal with this betrayal. There other reasons our kids why become emotional unstable.

What to do: Parents undergoing divorce should consider the children involved. It is not fair to assume that the kids will understand and get used to your divorce announcement. Take out time to reassure them of your love for them and your continuous presence in their lives.

3. Negative Exposures: Children are exposed to so many negative things and very tender ages. Most times kids get into drugs or harmful practices because they generally want to test out all they’d seen or heard.

What to do:While you can’t cut your kids off entirely from the world, you could cut the effect of the world on them. The only way to do this is to keep them informed of the dangers of drugs and its abuse. You can only do this by having a regular one on one conversation with them. Give them examples of people who have been destroyed by drugs. It’ll help if these people are people they also know.

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