Weird Baths In Japan

Weird Baths In Japan
After a stressful day, we would all love, to ease those strains with a warm luxurious bath, most especially in a spa but would you be willing or even tempted, to lounge in a bath or spa made with noodle soup or even coffee?

Now hold on, before you cringe and yell a straight forward No, the Japanese were ingenious enough, to think out of the box and invent these bath experiences, which may seem bizarre or even crazy but are still therapeutic and medicinal.

In Japan, many of these spas abound and they provide, any type of bathing options that their guests might require, such as the Hakone Kowakien Yunessan, which is an amusement park but also a spa resort, the Hakone Kowakien Yunessan has even boasted, to have provided more than twenty five, different bathing experiences, for their guests!

Interested? Well here is a list, of some of the most popular, bizarre bathing experiences in Japan, enjoy!

Sake Spa
In Japan, Sake is not only an alcoholic beverage, due to the discovery that, Sake is also good for the skin, the Japanese have ensured that its used in a bath.
So let not only your tongue, enjoy the delights of Sake, as you can soak yourself and luxuriate, in a warm bath made with Sake, your skin would be nourished as well as experience the joy of Sake.

Coffee Spa
Don’t you always feel lifted after your morning coffee? Well it’s much the same with a coffee bath but even more, as the aromatic waters from a coffee bath, would not only perk up all your senses, but all fatigue would also disappear and most importantly a Coffee bath does amazing wonders to your skin.
So when next you have that beauty therapy, think of a coffee bath.

Ramen Spa
In Japan, Ramen Noodle soup is more than just a delicacy, as it has also being transformed into a bath.
A Ramen bath is not complete, without adding pepper or garlic extracts, don’t worry because all these are good for the skin, collagen is also added as well.

The waters of a Ramen bath, are usually milky brown, just like the Ramen Noodle broth, the tub is also shaped and decorated like a ramen bowl, complete with large strands, of noodle decorations hanging overhead. The attendants are also styled as “cooks” and they constantly add salt into the bath, the salt is also in the shape of a Ramen Noodle.
All these add style to a Ramen bath and ensures that, guests have a pleasant experience, in a Ramen Spa.

Ancient Roman Bath
We all would agree that the Romans, were known for their excellent, bathing facilities, the Japanese are not exempted and have fashioned their own version, out of the ancient Roman baths, its complete with pools of varying temperatures, all you do is relax, in a hot water bath before taking a dip in a cool pool, next you head for the sauna.
The Hakone Kowakien Yunessan, has included an ancient Roman bath at their resort.

Red Wine Spa
Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, was known to have constantly bathed in wine and so do the Japanese. The Hakone Kowakien Yunessan Spa, has a bath that contains real red wine, which are poured into the bathing waters, from a 3.6m tall, gigantic wine bottle!

Chocolate Spa
Do you love chocolate? Then I bet you would not mind luxuriating, in a bath made with warm fuzz. In Japan the Chocolate Spa, is usually open just before and after Valentine’s Day.

Dead Sea Spa
Floating in what you had for breakfast, may not be your idea of a relaxing bath, why not try a Dead Sea Spa?
A bath in a Dead Sea Spa, contains an important salt, which is brought right from the Dead Sea, in the Middle East, this salt is enriched with some necessary minerals that is good for the skin.
A Dead Sea Spa has it all and there’s no need for you, to go down to lowest point of the earth, to get this enriching salt on your skin.

Green Tea Spa
Green Tea is full of antioxidants, that is beneficial for health and when used in a bath, its all the more better, because Green Tea is very good for the skin.

So, why don’t you try any of these baths, which you can easily prepare in your bath tub, I’m sure you would enjoy all the amazing benefits, that would most defiantly, come your way, enjoy!

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