Mitigating Dangers of Statin Drugs

Mitigating Dangers of Statin Drugs
Statin drugs are certainly the rage these days. It seems that more people take them than those who don't. Doctors think that they are the answer to some very serious disease conditions. But from the alternative point of view statins do little and not only that they are very toxic and can be dangerous. Learn how coenzyme Q10 is involved and is essential for maintaining continued good health.

If you take Lipitor or Crestor or one of any of the statins on the market today you are risking liver failure, renal failure, myopathy and cataracts. Statin drugs lower normal levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body which are responsible for antioxidant functions. In some European countries statin drugs are formulated with Coenzyme Q10 in the same pill and it is fully recognized that statin drugs deplete coenzyme Q10 yet in the United States statin drugs are doled out like candy and no mention is made to the patient that they will now be at risk for deficiency of coenzyme Q10. Generally, when there are cholesterol problems there are already at lower levels of coenzyme Q10. So now the physician assaults them further with a medication to lower coenzyme Q10 even more. In fact in almost all chronic disease conditions lower than normal levels of coenzyme Q10 can routinely be found.

Coenzyme Q10 is essential for mitochondrial function and the formation of ATP. Think back to your high school biology. This all has to do with the powerhouse of the cell. Depletion of coenzyme Q10 cuts cellular power off at its root.

If you decide that you must take a statin drug be certain to take a coenzyme Q10 supplement. For statin use 100mg twice a day should be sufficient. For coenzyme Q10 to work properly it must be formulated properly and be in the ubiquinol form. Although this product is more expensive than the coenzyme Q10 form called ubiquinone it is worth every cent as the lesser product just does not provide what it should.

Ubiquinol may help prevent some of the known side effects of statin drug use. But if you really wish to eliminate your need for statin drugs a comprehensive diet change is your best choice to promote longevity and better health.

Learn The Risks of Statin Drugs

Understanding CoEnzyme Q10 and Statin Drug Use

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