Evolution Versus Creationism

Evolution Versus Creationism
Creationists seem to believe that scientists and the secular community are trying to debunk religion. Although it may seem so, creationists fail to understand that science is used to understand and figure out the world around us. It just happens to debunk what is written in the Bible and other religious texts. In general, scientists aren’t trying to conspire against religion. They just want to understand our universe and our world.

One argument against evolution and for the existence of a god is the crocoduck. Many of you may have heard of Kirk Cameron (an American actor) and his “Crocoduck” argument against the existence for evolution. I honestly must believe that creationists don’t really understand how evolution works. In part because creationists argue that they don’t see one animal becoming another one right in front of them and that evolutionists cannot provide fossil records of this happening; hence why Kirk Cameron brought up the crocoduck (and other mythical animals), basically saying that because we don’t see creatures like the crocoduck, God must exist. We actually have living creatures on this Earth right now that provide the evidence of what creationists like Cameron are looking for, and yet they still deny it. I am referring to the monotremes, and in particular, the duck-billed platypus. The platypus is so unusual, that it was originally thought to be a hoax. This should quiet the creationists on this account, but it still doesn’t seem to as they still play that card. I would also guess that creationists don’t seem to understand that the fossils they are looking for just may not have been discovered yet and that lack of these fossils doesn’t prove there is a god.

It is this type of thing that hurts creationists’ beliefs. Science doesn't pretend to know it all and religion does. It seems to me that many believers, if there is no answer for it, will just use that as a proof that God exist.

At least, that has been my experience.

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