John Boehner and his Anti Choice Politics

John Boehner and his Anti Choice Politics
You have probably heard of the next speaker of the House of Representatives, U.S. Republican 21st House minority Leader, John Boehner. He is scheduled to take the place of speaker of the House of Representatives when the 112th Congress takes office on January 5th, 2011, Most notably, he has been tagged the “weeper of the house” for his very emotional crying episodes, on a range of topics, in various interviews and public speaking engagements.

He has been Ohio’s United States Representative of the 8th congressional district since 1991 and Republican House Minority Leader since 2007.

It will be the Pro Choice side who will be crying, if we do not do something to stop representative Boehner. He is a staunch conservative who does not want abortion to be legal at all. If he has his way, it would be banned all together. In the meantime, he is working on severe restrictions in women’s reproductive rights. We all know that no access means no choice.

In his service since 1991, he has voted against abortion and other reproductive rights issues for women.

He wants a complete ban on abortion coverage in the new health care plan, as well as a tax to all Americans with private insurance that includes abortion coverage.

Naral Pro Choice America has started a petition to try to stop John Boehner’s anti choice agenda. His agenda includes abstinence only programs for sex education in schools, to restricting and or cutting access for women to birth control and prenatal care. also has a petition to sign against Representative Boehner moving forward with his anti choice sentiments.

Here is just a few of his votes against not only women, but also people in general having a choice.

Representative Boehner voted no to:

Expanding research of embryonic stem cells.

He voted no to allowing stem cell research at all.

He voted yes on restricting interstate minors to get abortions.

He voted yes on banning family planning funding in U.S. aid in other countries.

In addition, he was the recipient of the 2010 Henry Hyde Award from the Americans United for Life, in May, for his pro life work. Moreover, for those wondering, as is often the case, he did cry during his acceptance speech.

Please go to the links I have listed below and join me in signing the petitions to secure choice and send a loud and clear message to Representative John Boehner.

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Naral Petition Under Get Involved and Take Action -Tell Boehner: We're Watching You. Don't Attack Our Right to Choose.

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