The Common Threads of Good Health

The Common Threads of Good Health
Cancer and Conception -Two Opposities with a Common Denominator
I can’t think of two words that are more incompatible with each other in meaning, or reality, than conception and cancer. If either one gets its way, one brings life, the other death. So, how could they have anything in common?

After perusing a few health sites here at, I wondered if I was on to something. As I enjoyed reading an article by the Conception editor. I was convinced that I was not wrong. Although our health topics here on site are very different and specific in nature, more than a few of my fellow editor’s articles are ringing with the sound of the same tune.

Different Fight - Same Weapon
Besides Conception and Cancer, we have editors that write for Autism, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Infertility, Diabetes, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Migraines, and Menopause, among others. After studying some of their articles, I began to see common words and remedies voiced by the respective editors in regard to how they defend these illnesses. They are in many ways the same as we cancer survivors do!

Folate - Protein Builder
My first clue was when I read an article on the Infertility site praising Folate. Folate, or Folic Acid (an essential amino acid necessary for building protein) was found to be deficient in couples who were having a hard time conceiving, especially for the man, whose common denominator was a low sperm count and low sperm activity relative to a low folic acid level in blood tests.

I also have written an article about Folate. As a cancer survivor with decreased immune response, I take Folic Acid daily in a supplement called B-12 Plus which I order from Bee Alive. The subject of folic acid is just ringing my bell! I am not trying to conceive, I am just trying to maintain optimum health. My body requires it. Evidently, so does the body of the man who is trying to father a child. Wow, who would have thought it?

Different Parts, One Vessel
I don’t believe these are coincidences. All of these health topics, at first, may seem disconnected from each other, and they are to a degree. But when we look closer, they all happen within the confines of the human body. In other words, (with few exceptions) in regards to nutrition and a routined lifestyle that promotes wellness, what is good for one would be good for the other. It’s just simple common sense.

Cancer - Simply Defined
Cancer starts simply by the breakdown of healthy tissue. It's called oxidation. That's why you see the word anti-oxidants so much if you read labels on health supplements or read where an herb or nutritious food contains it. When someone says it's good for you, what they actually mean is that it's good for your cells!

Prevention/Reducing Risk - Basic Do's and Don'ts
• Don’t smoke, or try a plan to quit because it is devastating to your lungs. Taking deep breaths pushes much-needed oxygen into every cell of your body every time you breathe. That includes your vital organs.

•De-stress so that you won't feel compelled to self-harm or be tempted to abuse alcohol or drugs to escape. There are psychology websites with information that can help you cope. The important thing is to stay connected. When I spend too much time alone my blood pressure goes up, and if there's no one to talk to when I'm needing to vent, I get nervous. I've had to learn how to moderate my stress. Every individual is different, so whether you are avoiding disease or trying to have a baby, heavy ongoing stress can affect both.

•Get plenty of rest, and drink enough water to stay properly hydrated (water makes blood, and blood keeps your heart beating!), read a book, walk or play with your pet, or listen to music, and keep the humor going! Laughter is scientifically known to release calming and healing hormones. Last but not least, love yourself and love others. It is perhaps the most healing of all - it's not a program and doesn't cost anything. It's a positive in both directions!

Treat your Body with Respect
The human body is amazing, and does a great job to repair itself on a daily basis. But it needs our help. We need to regularly maintain a good weight, eat fresh food, wear masks if we are around paints, dust or chemicals. Also take supplements as needed to fortify vital organs and skin. Life is a gift, and we need to do whatever it takes to keep it.

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