Test Your Knowledge of Wicca Trivia

Test Your Knowledge of Wicca Trivia
One of the most amusing ways to learn about a subject is to soak it up as part of the background when you are reading fiction and mythology or even watching stories via television shows and films. Of course you can never be completely certain if a work of fiction has got the facts right, and so it is always wise to verify things with some independent research. But fiction has its place because it gives you a springboard to take off in different directions with topics to research, historic figures with which to familiarize yourself, and mythology and folklore to investigate. Soon your brain will be lodged with trivia and odd bits of fact, and it can be fun to take a quiz and see how much you remember.

The Quizzes section in the Bellaonline.com Wicca site is not to be taken too seriously but is a place for fun and games. Here you can find short multiple-choice quizzes on aspects relating to Wicca and paganism to test your existing knowledge and maybe pass along some new intriguing facts. Each quiz is ten questions and each question has four possible answers from which you must choose the correct one. There is no ongoing pattern to the answers as there supposedly is in big tests like the SATs and the GREs; the right answer could be in any of the four positions at any given time.

To start with, I have included two quizzes. The first tests your knowledge of witchcraft as interpreted through pop culture. Of course witchcraft is a topic that Hollywood finds irresistible and authors enjoy exploring it as well whether they write literary fiction, horror, fantasy, or kids’ books. The various portrayals of witchcraft might be silly (Bewitched), evil (Rosemary’s Baby), smarmy (The Witches of Eastwick), strange (The Wicker Man), or positive (Practical Magic), but they have all seeped into our culture and left an impression. Have fun wracking your memory for the right answers.

The second quiz plumbs your familiarity with several European gods and goddesses. Many such as Ullr, Holda, Hestia, and Mani are not very well known today and you might have to guess at their attributes. Others such as Demeter and Anubis are still famous, but the questions might involve small details pertaining to them. To paraphrase, the gods are in the details! Please check back in the near future for more quizzes on herb lore, shamanism, folk lore, and more: Wicca site Quiz section.

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