Keeping Your Kids Safe from Gambling.

Keeping Your Kids Safe from Gambling.
While gambling may not contain any chemical substance or alcohol, it's effect is just as bad. I'm sure people who are addicted to gambling did not know they'd get that hooked. Most of the people who began gambling, may have viewed it as a form of fun and relaxation. However, like every addiction, its effect begins to build up and eventually takes over, without you knowing it. It's even worse that gambling parents are the ones who expose their kids to this wicked spirit. Here are three important ways you can help keep your children safe from gambling.

1. Kick against bets/betting in your home: Children these days seem to want to bet over everything thing. It is shocking that they do these bets with their allowances, and personal stuff. A friend complained about her older son losing his stuff every other day. It struck me as odd that the teenage boy in question seemed to lose his stuff in the same patter. He goes out with something and returns without them. I advised her to investigate it further. Good for her, she took my advise seriously. She found out from her younger son that her elder son gave those things away. She initially wondered if a bully was taking things from her son. She soon found out that her dear son bets his personal stuff away. That's how bad betting addiction can get. The child keeps betting and betting with the hope that one day, it will go in his favor. The fact is that he would have lost all his stuff and some of yours before a bet goes his way. Any child who is addicted to betting will sooner progress to gambling. Frown seriously against even siblings betting among themselves.

2. Not when your kid begins to play truancy with his academics: If your kid suddenly begins to skip school or school work and his teacher draws your attention to it, leave no stones unturned, investigate this report to the least. While a bully may be bothering him or he may be going through some personal issues, give heed to the possibility that he may be into betting s or some sort. He's gotten so hooked to it that he'd rather meet with his friends who are also gamblers to go gamble somewhere. I mean, a kid who isn’t at school nor at home during school hours is bound to be somewhere doing some illegal stuff or mischief and you shouldn’t stop until you find out where he goes instead, who he goes with and why.

3. Gambling parents: Acknowledge that you have a serious problem and find ways to help yourself. If for nothing else, for the sake of your kids.

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