Good Mental Health - Fear Not

Good Mental Health - Fear Not
I read an article by a psychologist who was giving an overview of his newly defined lifestyle and his great attempt to be Mr. Health. He was hilariously candid about his life and how it affected his vocation.

Are We Trying Too Hard?
He told about how he was drinking cranberry juice to protect his bladder and prostate, drinking blueberry juice for the antioxidant benefits, and of course the pomegranate juice to protect his heart. He also mentioned that while talking to his patients, he had to excuse himself every ten minutes to go to the bathroom. I reckoned from his confession, that he had to be in a very healthy state to begin with, and more than likely he was probably going to prevent cancer, but would eventually wear his bladder out in doing so!

There comes a time in all of our lives that we need to be balanced. This person was a professional who was obviously well read and staying up-to-date on every miracle cure he could get his hands on. Was he going to stay healthy? Probably, if he didn’t worry himself to death!

I hope by now, you get my point. At the end of the article, I felt somewhat guilty, and I began to wonder why. In writing these articles for the cancer site, my goal is to inform you so that you can make the best decisions to stay healthy. But, what I don’t want, is to so overload you with information, along with every other periodical out there, that you fear you are not doing enough for yourself.

Celebrate Small Achievements
Let me just say this. If you are doing anything to affect a change for the better, then you are doing great! All any of us can do is to try. But, we also need to know that life is to be lived. We don’t need to look at life as though it is a threat to us.

Let’s revel in each day that comes – yes, smell the flowers along the way. I know it sounds corny, but ‘tis true. Take pleasure in the simple things, and try not to worry so much about getting tasks done. How many of those things really must get done?

I have a sweet confession (confection?) to make. I love milkshakes. With extra whipped cream on top. And a cherry! Right now, fresh peach shakes are available in my area, so guess what? I’ve had a few this summer! Yes, they are fattening, and besides the peaches, and maybe a little vitamin D in the milk, I’m not sure if I’m getting any nutritional value at all, but when I’m drinking (inhaling) one, guess what? It’s so good, I don’t care!!! So, there, I said it. I feel better. I'm hoping the endorphins cancelled out the sugar!

I think it’s time that we all balanced good sense with sensibility (like Jane Austen?). Let’s relax and enjoy life. I believe that would do all of us more good right now than all of the cran, blue and pom in the world.

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