Sharing your Gifts with the World

Sharing your Gifts with the World
Regardless of your personal spiritual or religious beliefs, you have probably noticed that we are each gifted, albeit in different ways. Everyone has something that they do well, sometimes amazingly well. It could be as simple as making a fabulous apple pie. Or it could be as awe-inspiring as singing a wonderful song.

I have known people who are gifted in so many different ways and I love discovering and exploring the different talents and abilities people have. Much of the time, I find that people don’t know what their gift is. Or worse, they know what it is but they discount it, in a “This old thing?” sort of way. As if they got their special talent on clearance at a discount store.

And, back to the spirituality of it all, I believe whatever higher power you believe in is a little bit peeved when we do this. It’s a type of false modesty to negate your gifts, you know. It’s a gift, and who are you to say your gift is miniscule or not important? And, who are you to keep your gifts to yourself? That’s not really what they are for. Personal gifts and talents are for sharing. They are community tools if you will.

One by one, most of us don’t amount to much. In all our singular fabulousness, it’s hard to create a community of one. But, put a few of us together and well, our limitations are only temporary. We mix and mingle our gifts and together, we enhance everyone’s life.

It’s the basis of any society to divide labor and share the proceeds.

I hunt, you cook.

So, when you are thinking your gifts aren’t worth much, know this: That is not for you to decide. Your job is to use your gifts and share them.

That’s really all you have to do.

If you are a writer, write. Show someone. Show someone else. Then, write more.

If you are a painter, paint something & show us. Keep painting.

If your talent is fixing cars, fix cars.

Bake great bread? Bake on.

If you can sing a crying baby to sleep, that is valuable.

If you can build websites, do that.

If your talent is running fast, run fast.

If your talent is healing, heal.

And, then do it some more. Keep working your gift and you will find you get better and your gift gets better and the world gets better.

We need all of us to make things work. So, bring your gifts to the table. Share them with the rest of us. And, take a look at ours while you are there. I’m betting we will all benefit.

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