Why do celebrities do drugs?

Why do celebrities do drugs?
Why do celebrities do drugs?
I'm not sure what worries me the most, how our celebrities get their fix or why they do drugs at all. It is both scary and disheartening that people, who work hard to carve out a niche for themselves, take time to grow on their career, turn around to sabotage their effort and go ahead to put their lives at jeopardy. So yes, I do seriously wonder, why do celebrities get mixed up in drugs and other substance abuse?

1. Could it be pressure of work? I can totally understand how difficult it is to become a celebrity. I also understand how demanding it is to remain one. To remain headline you'll have to do the hard work, there is no getting around it. Could this be a reason why our celebrities get into drugs? Is it the pressure to deliver? Is it the drive to keep going on and on?

2. Could it be pressure from their fans? Whenever you see celebrities looking so happy and untouchable in their poses, do not think for a second that they have no care in the world because they do, and seriously, the rich also cry! I can imagine the joy and euphoria celebrities feel when they see their fans go crazy with excitement when they are around. The media and paparazzi don’t go easy on them either. These celebrities receive negative criticisms whenever they make mistakes or commit blunder. Fans on the other hand can be very demanding, insensitive, judgmental as well as loveable. So, yeah, I do understand the need to keep your fans happy.

3. Could it be pressure to keep with the competition? Celebrities also have rivals in the business, so they have to work extra hard to remain in limelight. No one wants his or her name to be forgotten in the annals of history. So yeah, they do have competitors to worry about.

4. Why do they use drugs? Do celebrities use drugs to keep them high and active enough to do the long work? Do they use drugs to help them keep up with the demands of their jobs? Do they do drugs to defy the law of nature guiding their bodies, or do they simply do drugs for the fun of it?

Now, whatever the reason is for the general drug addiction in the celebrity world, I personally do not think there is a justifiable excuse or reason for drug addiction or substance abuse. Regular people also face challenges like everyone else, but they don’t all go out to get themselves high on drugs to forget their problems. Challenges would always be there, problems will always be here too, even the show biz industry would always be there, but your life, when you throw it away is gone for good. Addictions usually begin with bad behaviors that became habits and progressed to obsessions. Some drug addicts actually began by intentionally taking overdose of prescription drugs. This little bad behavior which they probably thought was harmless grew to the point they are in at the moment. If you are doing drugs, or merely toying around with prescription drugs or experimenting even, beware of the totality of death. Your life when it's gone, it's gone!

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