Math Foldable - Multiplication

Math Foldable - Multiplication
This particular math organizer or foldable will allow students to practice multiplication facts or math vocabulary with positive reinforcement. Actually, the foldable has many study applications, but we will focus on math facts. The foldable to the left will accommodate eight timetables from a particular timetable or eight facts you need to learn better. Once the foldable is completed, specific instructions will be given on how to use it.

Supplies needed:
* 8 x 11 or larger paper (heavier weight works better) or construction paper
* Eight multiplication facts – double checked; for example 6 x 2 through 6 x 9 (not necessarily in order)

1) Fold the paper length wise like a hotdog but do not match the edges of the paper, instead leave 1 inch exposed.
2) Fold the 1 inch exposed part over to form a flap.

3) Fold again hamburger-style or cross-wise; the ends do meet this time and here after; press down on each fold to emphasize a crease.

4) Repeat step 3

5) Repeat step 3 again

6) Open; you should have eight vertical sections with a flap to act as a closure.(Note: the more you fold, the more sections you’ll form)

7) Use scissors to cut along the creases of the top flap up to the major fold, but DO NOT CUT the creases of the closure flap.

8) Use a pencil and lightly write a multiplication fact on front of each of the eight flaps. Example, “8 x 6 “ (refer to first photo)

9) Using the pencil, lift the flap and write the answer. Example -“48.”

10) Double check your answers using a multiplication chart.

Finally, use a marker to retrace your facts!

Let’s Decorate the Closing Flap.
(Refer to first illustration at the beginning of this article.)

Hold the foldable vertically. There are eight uncut sections on the right that serve as a closing flap.

1) Write a letter on each flap to spell out a positive message such as:
“Way To Go!”
“Good * Job”
“Great Job”
“I Know My 8s” (implies the eight timetables were used)
Or think of a positive message on your own.

Use a different color marker for each word.

An Idea On How To Use

Objective: the objective is to uncover all of the letters of the positive message without having to skip any facts.
Once you have mastered all of the facts. Make another foldable, practice and watch grades improve.

1) Lift fact flaps to cover each letter in the positive message.

2) Start with the first flap and answer the fact without looking at the answer.

3) Lift the flap to check your answer. If correct, slip the fact flap underneath the first letter to make it visible and to indicate you were correct. Otherwise, leave the letter covered and try the next fact. Try to answer the missed fact again after you have attempted the remaining facts.

In this photo, the student answered all of the facts correctly except 6 x 6, 6 x 8, and 6 x 9. So he or she will have to try again. Now, it’s your turn to give it a try. Have fun!

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