Multiplication Practice Ideas

Multiplication Practice Ideas
1) Concentration – Use index cards to write a fact on one card and the answer on another card. Make as many as you like. Play alone or with a partner by spreading out the cards face down. Turn over two cards with the intent of finding a fact that matches a product. The person with the most matches wins the game.

2) Record yourself reciting facts on a tape recorder or CD player. Record all of the facts or the ones you haven’t learned yet. Make it fun by making up rhymes or by adding some background music. For example, 7 x 7 is 49 and I’m doing just fine. I’m sure you can think of better rhymes, so give it a try.

3) Draw a picture of the fact. For example 4 x 7 = ? Both numbers are called factors. The first factor represents how many groups. The second number represents how many are in each group. Also, the word “group” can refer to rows such as in an array as below.
Also, remember if you learned one fact you have learned two, because order of factors does not matter. 4 x7 = 7 x 4. So, seven rows of four objects equal the same as the above picture of four rows of seven.

4) Multiplication facts music CDs are available to purchase. There are many to choose from with country to hip hop music. Listen to them on the way to school on the way to your sports practice or on your next road trip.

5) Flash cards – make your own or buy them. Use index cards to make them. A non-traditional way to make a set of flash cards comes in the form of a foldable that is shared on link below. Make one to practice the facts missed on your last test.

Have someone show you a flash card. If you answer correctly, you take the card. Otherwise, your helper keeps the card. Hopefully, you’ll have more cards than the helper by the time all of the cards have been flashed.

6) DVDs and videos are available from your nearby library or store. DVDs give you the benefit of audio and a picture. Oh, don’t forget videos on the internet.

7) Throw two dice and multiply the numbers to practice up to 6 x 6. Use 3 dice and multiply the numbers for more of a challenge.

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