United We Stand - Divided We Fall

United We Stand - Divided We Fall
We are one week away from elections and things are really heating up. In the past few days there has been more mud being slung than I have seen in a long time. Maybe it’s my deteriorating memory but even in the race with Obama against Bush, I don’t recall so much dirt throwing.

Needless to say, it’s coming down to the wire. Will the GOP overtake the House? Many predict this will happen but that the Democrats will maintain the Senate. Anything can happen.

Bloggers and television hosts have been throwing their own two cents in. Just this week Joy Behar from the “The View” got things heated up when she called Republican nominee for Senate, Sharron Angle, the “b” word and indicated that she will be going to hell. This came after an ad that Joy Behar believes to be racist.

Well today on “The View” things got turned around. Apparently Sharron Angle sent Behar a beautiful bouquet of flowers. One might think this was a peace offering. No, instead the note said: “Joy, I raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help, Sharron Angle.”

I seriously don’t understand how people who are so far left can really think that commentaries such as that help their cause. I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, when you become offensive in your comments and opinions you are only hurting your own cause.

I think the level of immaturity in Joy Behar and the obvious sheer anger she has about the direction our country may be turning come next week is monumental. It is an indication of one angry country. You have the left angry over the strong possibility of the tide turning and you have the right who are angry about the direction this country has gone.

While I value everyone’s opinion, whether it differs from mine or not, I think there has to be a level of integrity and dignity when you speak. Joy Behar is a prime example of what it means to be uncouth.

While “The View” is about voicing your own views on things, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Politics can get ugly but this is really ridiculous.

More and more negative ads are hitting our television screens and while each side tries to drag the other side down, it makes me wonder…do we really have to stoop to that level? I have my own predictions about what will happen next week. While the results will make for interesting news, I think equally as interesting will be the reactions from both sides.

Hopefully all the negativity can begin to die down so that we can move forward as a country. Remember that united we stand but divided we fall.

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