Has Politically Correct Gone Too Far?

Has Politically Correct Gone Too Far?
I am really beginning to think that the “PC” talk, otherwise known as “politically correct” is beginning to go to some extreme levels. Although you may have seen clips from last week’s explosive segment between some of the ladies on “The View” and Bill O’Reilly, I happened to watch it from its entirety that day.

Let me first say that I personally believe certain ladies on “The View” were already prepared for a battle. Not that I believe the storming off of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar was staged but I do feel some may have been prepared to react.

Whenever you get opinionated Bill O’Reilly on the same platform as someone who thinks on the other side, feathers are sure to be ruffled. In particular, I believe Joy Behar had already geared herself up. So I don’t think the fireworks that flew were all that surprising.

Here is what really gets me. It’s not that Joy Behar, as she claims, was defending hatred and bigotry. She knows darn well, even if she doesn’t like Bill O’Reilly or agree with his views, that he is not a hater of Muslims nor is he a bigot. I believe the word “Muslims” used to describe the terrible act that took place in our country on 9/11 was just the fuel she needed.

I will admit that I am an avid watcher of Bill O’Reilly. I truly do believe that he is fair and balanced. I like that there are times he will defend someone and other times he will point out the wrongs. He doesn’t group all people. At the very least, I will admit that perhaps he misspoke but seriously, do we really have to walk around on eggshells every single time we open our mouths?

Do we have to constantly justify and rationalize what we really mean? I think deep down inside both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar knew that he was not saying all Muslims are responsible for 9/11. The problem was that he wasn’t “politically correct” and apparently we can’t even call them terrorists, so what in the world SHOULD we say?

The real issues get ignored when we get wrapped up in how something is worded. The intentions of what Bill O’Reilly was trying to say were obvious. It was just a matter of deciding to take what he said and run with it, to create a mountain out of a mole hill.

Personally, I am tired of the “politically correct” speech that we are supposed to abide by. Who decides when something is “PC” anyway? I am beginning to see that politically correct has gone too far.

And as a final thought, if “The View” is supposed to be about different views, why are two of its hosts storming off when they hear something they don’t like?

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