Are the Democrats in Trouble?

Are the Democrats in Trouble?
There are some who believe that the Democrats are in some serious trouble this November. I happen to live in one of the states where that just might be the case.

President Obama made yet another appearance here in Wisconsin on Tuesday, September 28th. I have been paying careful attention to the races going on here and as it stands now, Democratic Senator Russ Feingold is trailing behind Republican Ron Johnson.

I happened to receive a phone call just before the primaries asking who I plan on voting for. Surveys across not only Wisconsin but other important states such as Illinois, Ohio, Colorado and Washington are compiling the results and it looks like the Democrats really have their work cut out for them.

It is interesting to see Ron Johnson, a man who has never been involved in politics in the lead for Wisconsin’s Senator. Feingold has served as the Wisconsin Senator for three terms but it looks like he might be about to lose that position. The latest polls show Johnson, who owns a plastics company in Oshkosh, leading by about 52%. About 10% of Wisconsin voters still aren’t sure who they will vote for.

So Democrats are in full swing, trying to do all they can to save Feingold. In fact next month the first lady herself will be holding a fundraiser for him. I’m not entirely sure how much clout the Obama’s will have. After all, President Obama’s job approval rating in Wisconsin is just 41%. In addition to that, 45% of Wisconsinites believe that he has hurt the state’s economy and 53% of Wisconsinites want to see Obamacare, I mean, the national health care program repealed.

Could this be why even though the Obama’s are endorsing Feingold, that the President is not set to make an appearance with him?

That isn’t the only race heating up here in Wisconsin. The race for governor has Republican Scott Walker with a 4 point lead (49%) over Democratic, and our current mayor, Tom Barrett (45%).

An additional polling in Wisconsin showed that 42% of us cheese heads is supportive of the Tea Party, while 38% are opposed. So the numbers for my state are definitely swaying in one direction.

Just below my state you have Illinois. In Illinois Republican Mark Kirk (42%) is leading over Senator Alexi Giannoulias (40%). However the reason these two are so close is not necessarily because they are both so favored. In fact, neither one of them is really wanted by those in Illinois.

Conservative Republican Billy Brady (46%) is 10 points over Democratic Governor Pat Quinn (36%).

In Illinois Obama’s job approval rating comes in a little higher at 46%. However 36% still believe he has hurt the economy in Illinois. As far as healthcare, the state of Illinois is divided…half want it and half don’t.

Then in Colorado you have many voters who strongly disapprove of President Obama’s job performance and are angry at the federal government. Republican Ken Buck looks more than likely to take over the current Senator, Michael Bennet. Buck leads 47 to 43%.

In Colorado a whopping 56% disapprove of Obama’s job performance and 53% are against his national health care program. Colorado is also being touted, according to surveys, the “angriest” state with 41% of them being angry about the federal government.

However the governor position in Colorado might not necessarily be swinging the way of the Republicans.

In Washington an exciting race is on between Republican Dino Rossi who is trailing just one point behind incumbent Senator Patty Murray. While 57% of those who live in Washington had voted for Obama, 49% disapprove of his job performance and 39% believe he has hurt their state’s economy.

Then there is Ohio where Republican Rob Portman is ahead of Democratic Senate nominee Lee Fisher by a whopping 13 points. The race for governor, however, is a bit tighter.

In this state Obama’s job approval rating is at 39% and 42% believe he has hurt Ohio’s economy.

The polls are showing an indication that the Democrats just might be in trouble. For those who are undecided, it is believed by some that they tend to go with the challenger in a race.

Keep your eye on these states because this will make a huge impact in our country. And ask yourself, are the Democrats in trouble?

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