Velma Hart Stands Up to President Obama

Velma Hart Stands Up to President Obama
At an NBC news event President Obama faced a supporter. However this time he was facing a supporter who wasn’t going to make excuses for him. She wanted him to know that while she had believed in him and she had believed in his message about change, she was tired of defending him. Ouch.

Velma Hart, a financial officer for a veteran’s organization and mother of two, clearly and simply let President Obama know how she feels. She is exhausted. Not exhausted from working, not exhausted from being a mom but her exhaustion rests in defending the very man she voted for.

It was interesting because Obama’s initial reaction was to laugh as she went on to say how she was exhausted of defending him, his administration and the mantle of change that she voted for.

She expressed what I believe many Obama supporters are afraid to express, that she is disappointed. I think it may be human nature that when we are staunch supporters of a cause or a person and we are let down by them, we don’t want to admit that maybe we were wrong.

It doesn’t matter how I personally feel about President Obama and the job he has done. I admire Velma Hart. She stood up and faced the President of the United States and in the most eloquent, honest way she could expressed how deeply disappointed she was.

Her views were essentially holding him accountable. She reminded him of what she was told when she decided to vote for him, that he would change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. Yet here she was, one of the middle class people she was referring to, and still waiting for that change to happen.

What I find very interesting about this is that she isn’t even one of the people in this country who don’t have a job. She has a job yet she is still struggling because of our country’s economy. She is disappointed and I think that really says a lot.

What was also very enlightening about her statement is that she made it clear she wasn’t necessarily expecting big changes to come immediately but she did expect to feel some changes in a small measure.

I really believe that Velma Hart is the voice for many Americans who voted for President Obama. They are still waiting for the change. Now President Obama can cite the things that he has done but clearly there are some Americans who don’t feel it is enough.

There are even Democrats who are beginning to take a step back from defending him. In the end I really have to give kudos to Velma Hart for standing up to President Obama. Now I just hope that her voice has been heard loud and clear by the only one who can do something about it.

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