Race, Religion and Politics

Race, Religion and Politics
If you want to turn the heat up in a discussion then all you have to do is mention these three topics: race, religion and politics. Any one of these topics has been known to cause a firestorm, to end friendships or cause a family breakdown.

Yet it is these very topics that are saturating our country. As the heat continues to be turned up, the country continues to break down in a myriad of ways. Peace and unity are flying out the window. Tension and suspicion are increasing.

Now you almost feel like have to walk around on eggshells. You have to watch everything you say. If you don’t agree with someone else then you might be labeled. Yes, these are some tense times in the United States.

The sad thing is that the media is using all of this to add fuel to the fire. What started out as a few sparks has now turned into this monstrous bonfire that is sure to take over our country.

I have personally seen this happen in my own Independent Parties site. I have dealt with a couple of readers who asked to unsubscribe because of one thing I said or an opinion I gave. Whatever happened to diversity and being able to form your own thoughts and opinions? Even if we don’t agree, can’t we just agree to disagree? Must it turn ugly?

I really enjoyed a recent reader comment that stated while they weren’t always in agreement with my views, they appreciated those expressed. I can respect that. And I can respect others who don’t see things from my viewpoint.

I have seen friends lose support on social networking sites. When any one of these hot topics gets raised, comments fly out. Facebook is a great place to express your views but I have seen friends in shock when they are de-friended just because they believed in something.

Race, religion and politics stirs up personal values and beliefs. We feel strongly about these things, which is exactly why I think it can be so contentious. Yet at the same time we need to take a step back and remember the country we live in. We live in a free country where we should be allowed to believe what we do and think what we think. Why can’t we respect each other’s differences?

If someone agrees with the Arizona law, why should they be called a racist? If someone doesn’t believe the mosque should be built near Ground Zero, why should they be called a religious hater? Why must all these labels be put on those who have personal beliefs?

I find it very sad how our country has been spiraling out of control with the whole race and religion thing. While we are busy bickering amongst ourselves, our enemies are looking on with a smile on their face. Who is really winning here?

Just something to think about the next time you don’t agree with someone about something involving race, religion or politics.

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