Being like the Cool Girls

Being like the Cool Girls
Peer pressure is a common reason why young girls go astray. No teenage girl wants to be the odd girl at school. Most times these so called cool girls taunt and bully other innocent students who are more focused and responsible. It is for this reason that you find an 'A' student dropping in grades, becoming rebellious and irresponsible. The assumption is that you have to be obstinate, daring and rebellious to be cool. I don’t know where our young girls get these ideas from but this has become a major concern for parents. Teenagers get introduced to alcoholic drinks at school parties, prom and even innocent parties. Some very naughty girls sneak in alcoholic drinks and endlessly taught anyone who refuses to drink with them. And so, to prove that she has got it in her to be cool, your dear daughter, takes a sip. From taking a sip, she graduates into taking more sips, and then goes on to a full bottle and even something stronger. Now, the process of addiction has begun. Your girl begins to lie over everything. She becomes evasive and defensive. My point here is that our addicted teenage daughters may have been lure into this path by their peers at school. So many other young girls are being boxed into that same corner and they have begun to compromise. What do you do as parents to save your girl before she gets out of control?

1. Never neglect the girl to girl talk: If there is a time to get close t your daughters, that time is now. There is so much going on in the world today. Most of the time I'm not certain if science and technology is helping or destroying us. However, you can't hide your kids indoor, even if you could, for how long. Our best option is to prepare them for the world outside and guide them through it. I guess what I'm saying is, get involved in your kid's life!

2. Do not set yourself up as the enemy: This is a mistake most moms make, feeling you can just give the instruction and your girl discards all her friends in obedience. Well, maybe it worked in our days, you will agree with me that our kids are more opinionated than before, not to mention they have a more aggressive way of pushing their points across. Much as you may want to throw your girl across your knees and spank the devil off her, as much as you may want to ground her for life, at the point where you stand, you can't match aggression against aggression.

3. Time to show love: While telling your kid that you love her repeatedly is great, you may have to do better than that. Show them by your actions that you respect them and their opinions, and let them respect yours too. Do not be judgmental; do not sound like you've given up on them. Because then, they'd give up on themselves too. Love is about trust as well, so build this trust between you two and make communication between you easy.

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