Help For Kids Dealing with Addiction Problems

 Help For Kids Dealing with Addiction Problems
Addition of any kind can be a source of great concern for both beginners as well as professionals. If your friend, siblings or someone you know is toying with drugs or harmful habits, be sure to speak out, or do something positive to get them help before they get neck deep into it and begin to really hurt themselves. Again, if you are secretly trying to quit a bad habit that has gotten a very strong hold on you, you need to know that it is not a fight you alone can handle. While I acknowledge your urge to lie to your parents and people around you to keep them from discovering what you are into, you are not doing yourself any good. On the contrary you are destroying yourself further than you already have. Instead of throwing your destiny away, you could try these tips to help you get the help that you need.

1. Ask yourself how you got to that point: Can you take a minute and try to remember how you got to the point where you are at the moment. How did it all begin? Did you get into it to prove a point to your divorced parents? Your peers? The society? Or even something you watched on TV? Could it also be that you had issues going in your life that you felt so ashamed to let your parents or anyone know about. You had to do whatever it took to keep it hidden.

2. Ask yourself if it is worth it: Do you like the way you are now? Do you like the fact that you always have to depend on that drug, cigarette, or whatever it is you depend on now, to give you temporal relief? Do you understand that you will always be under the control of whatever it is you're addicted to? Do you like yourself right now? Do you like the fact that your eyes are always bloodshot and are a cause of worry to the people around you?
3. If you had a second chance at life would you go for it?: If you are given the opportunity to change a thing about your life, what will it be? Wouldn’t you go for healthy choices, better associations, better friends and better relationships? Won't you feel better about yourself if you began to tell the truth to your parents and people around? Would you not like to build a better self image and become a better person?

4. Co-operate with your care givers: If I told you, you've got a second chance to correct your mistakes and that I have keys to unlock a better world for you, wont you rather trust in me? Your co-operation with your parents, caregivers, counselors or well meaning family members is the key you need. They may be you only hope for getting back on the right path. You need to come clean with your parents about what is going on in your life at the moment. Are you experiencing emotional crisis, personality conflicts or being bullied by someone to get into something evil? This is a time to come clean with those able to help you. This is a time to trust an adult and let them help you. An addiction is not a fight you can handle all by yourself.

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