How to Soothe A Colicky Baby

How to Soothe A Colicky Baby
Bringing your twins home can be such a wonderful experience. But what happens when one or both of the babies are not as happy as they should be? When the diaper is dry, the babies are fed and they don't seem to be comforted by anything, chances are they have colic. Here are a couple of ways to soothe your colicky babies.

The Football Hold
Although this might sound odd it really works! Hold your baby so that his/her belly is resting on your forearm. His/her head should rest comfortably on your hand. I found that swaying the baby a little can even put her to sleep. This is a wonderful tactic to use when you just can't comfort them during bed time. It's also a lot easier to place them in their cribs because you can do so with one fast slide of the arm.

Warmth is wonderful
If your baby is fussy and it's close to bath time, make sure that your bathe him/her with comfortably warm water. Place a warm washcloth on their belly. You will find that they feel soothed and comfortable pretty quickly when you do this. I always used a lavender baby soap to heighten the relaxing experience.

If your babies get colicky during bed time, it might be a good idea to reduce all stimulation around them. Dim the lights, and if you use a sound machine, put it on and let them unwind with their surroundings. You know that feeling you get when you're at a spa getting a massage? You basically want to produce the same environment for your babies.

Keep it moving!
It is a known fact that bouncing gently with your baby helps soothe them during a colicky moment. Many people even buy bouncy balls to help them have more a rhythmical bounce. If you find that the bouncy motion works, this is a sure sign that a walk in a stroller or in a carrier will also do the trick. I always recommend using the TwinTrexx twin baby carrier in the twin front position. The bouncing motion and change of scenery have been known to help many babies.

Place the babies on the floor or a stable surface where they will not fall. Take the baby's legs and move them in a gentle pedaling motion. I used to do this frequently with my multiples after feeding and found that it would help eliminate the gas that was bothering them. It also made them laugh quite a bit.

Take care of YOU
It's hard not to focus on the babies, but make sure that YOU are periodically relaxing and can be ready to deal with these rough stretches. Babies can sense tension, and you don't want to make this any worse by sending out stressful vibes. Take a breather if the crying has lasted too long. Put the babies in their crib (or pass the child to a family member if you can), and try to unwind.

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