Goals & Your PDA

Goals & Your PDA
Create, Track and Complete your goals effortlessly with any PDA or cell phone that has a calendar! I have consistently worked with those three points in mind and call it the ‘CTC' method. However, in the outset I found that creating was easy, completing possible but tracking. . .impossible without help.

Today's marketplace offers numerous ideas and resources to develop new revenue streams. The problem is exactly how does one turn their ‘good idea' into a ‘profitable' revenue stream? Majority of those with a ‘good idea' start off strong, excited. They compile lists of various things they need to do. They rush through their to do list only to discover something did not work out as first planned. It is so natural to create lists and then break those lists down into smaller goals only to find frustration and discouragement. How many lists start out strong then get so long you just toss it and begin over with more determination?

There's certainly nothing wrong with lists. They are great for groceries, children's extracurricular activities and small projects. Lists keep us organized for tasks set before us. Lists keep us looking toward the goal, but they are truly only practical for short term goals. Like, what needs to get done today, tomorrow or this week. Handwritten lists and sticky notes are only as reliable as where we've set them down! No matter how efficient your lists are, you cannot review them with ease or see trends, like who never answers emails.

That is why PDA cell phones changed the industry. No longer were you tied to a computer or home. No longer were large corporations able to manage business differently than a small company. All the tools large corporations use to achieve their ultimate goals are now available to the mom running the baseball schedules or the new entrepreneur! The difficulty is knowing what the various tools are and how to use them.

One of the most productive tools small to large sales-based corporations uses most commonly is a CRM software package. CRM is ‘Customer Relationship Management' software. Some type of CRM is used every time service, questions or inquiry about a product come into a company. Amazon, eBay and all other companies you do business with daily have CRM software running. If you or your spouse uses their PDA for work, it is safe to say they are linking to their companies CRM package and they recognize the strength of this class of software.

A CRM gives you the capability to change your ‘good ideas' into ‘useful' data that will start building blocks for an ‘effective and profitable' revenue stream. Every email sent, call made, meeting kept (and/or canceled) or tasks created, all can be viewed, tracked and connected to a ‘good idea or opportunity.' Your lists then become automated. Reminders alert us to what needs to be done, who to call whether it is today or three months from now. The ability to organize each block of information is great, but CRM also allows you to effortlessly find key pieces of information. You can run reports and determine what works and what does not work, run prospected profits from ‘good ideas or opportunities' you have created and a wide host of additional benefits.

There are really four types of CRM packages. 1 ) The basic, CD which installs the program on your hard drive for individual use only. 2 ) The company IT version, which is a networked version that used by multiple employees at once. 3 ) The PDA link which allows you to transfer key data from your CRM directly into your cell phone and then sync the data thereafter. 4 ) The final type is online CRM. Online CRM is perfect for the customer who is new to CRM processing and the pricing set for this type of customer. Pricing for CRM's can start as low as $14.95pm too as high as thousands of dollars. Choosing the correct one for your business is key.

Over the upcoming few weeks the PDA/eBook site will continue reviewing and sorting through the different types of CRM packages. We will bring you comparisons as well as pricing points of CRM packages. The CRM package I use currently has approximately 18G+ of data going back to 1995, when my company began. It is an indispensable tool. Just this morning I needed information from 2005 and was able to find everything related to this project!

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