Fractions - Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Fractions - Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
Tickle your students' brains with a crossword puzzle.

1 largest factor that two numbers have in common
6 _____ fractions - the numerator is larger than the denominator
7 tells how many equal parts are used, shaded, etc.
8 common denominators are not required when ____ 2 fractions
10 fractions that have the same value
12 the product of a number and its ____ equals one
15 whole number with a proper fraction is called a ____ number

2 prime _____ is when prime numbers are multiplied together to get the original number
3 a whole number with more than two factors
4 part / whole
5 tells how many equal parts make one whole
9 to change a fraction to its lowest terms
11 is useful in finding the least common denominator when adding unlike denominators
13 a whole number greater than 1 with only two factors
14 when adding fractions the denominators must be the ____.

Answers at the end of this page

Recommended Resources
Both resources include a DVD with over 6 hours of lessons.


6 Improper
7 Numerator
8 Multiplying
10 Equivalent
12 Reciprocal
15 Mixed


2 Factorization
3 Composite
4 Fraction
5 Denominator
9 Reduce
11 LCM
13 Prime
14 Same

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