Money ~ The Purpose Of Money

Money ~ The Purpose Of Money
Money is either a piece of paper or a disc of metal. Without money we cannot purchase food, water, fuel or shelter. Money has existed for over ten thousand years when shells were used as currency in exchanged for goods.

Money is not something that can be used to buy emotions such as happiness and love, but it can stir up feelings such as greed and envy. We cannot live without money in today’s society. If we have very little money, we do not have the same advantages in life as someone who is wealthy, but it does not mean that the wealthier person has a happier life than a less wealthy person.

Humanity depends on the charity of others’ in times of hardship and need. Money should be used to help ourselves and others’ around. If we have more money than we need, we should share it. But that is not how money is seen today, when money talks.

Money is a test, like everything thing in life. Some people have plenty of money so that they need never worry about going hungry or being homeless. Others are less fortunate and have so little money that they have no food or shelter. Most of us get by on what the income we have. Money is something that is associated with privilege, but with that privilege the responsibility of sharing comes.

Chapter 2, verse 155
We will surely test you through some fear, hunger and the loss of money, lives and crops. Give good news to the steadfast.

Never be impressed by money. Is someone really worth what it says on their bank statement? Some people are over-paid for what they actually do to for society. Other people live on a minimum wage while working long hours with little hope of moving up the monetary ladder.

We should all be working together to make life good for everyone, but this only happens in an ideal world. Stealing money from each other, corrupting other people with money, hoarding money and denying other’s charity from excess money goes against the purpose of money but in these corrupt times that is exactly what is happening. Money has been the corruptor of mankind since the time it was invented but mankind is easily corrupted.

Chapter 2, verse 188
You shall not take each other’s money illicitly, nor shall you bribe the officials to deprive others of their rights illicitly, while you know.

Usury is not the same as not the same as commerce as God permits commerce but forbids usury. God tells us that those who charge usury are controlled by the devil’s influence (2:275).

Chapter 2, verse 276
God condemns usury and blesses charity. God dislikes every disbeliever, guilty.

Usury is the lending of money at inflated interest rates where the charge for borrowing the money is unreasonable. God instructs us to refrain from this form of money management but today most financial companies take full advantage and apply high interest rates. Usury is a business transaction in today’s economic world.

Chapter 2, verses 278
O you who believe, you shall observe God and refrain from all kinds of usury.

God also tells us that if someone is unable to pay their debts, they should be given more time to do so. We are also told that it is far better to wipe off a debt and give it up as charity than to pursue someone who is unable to repay the money they owe.

Chapter 2 verse 280
If the debtor is unable to pay, wait for a better time. If you give up the loan as a charity, it would be better for you, if only you knew.

There are institutions and individuals in the world only too ready to lend money to people because they can demand a high rate of interest in return. People borrow money for all sorts of reasons such as buying houses and cars or things they want or need or to pay off existing debts. The people who lend money know that if someone is desperate they will agree to pay any amount of interest in order to have the money. The only people who benefit are the money lenders.

Chapter 30, verse 39
The usury practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at God. But if you give to charity, seeking God’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold.

How much money we receive in a life time is entirely up to God, but how we chose to spend it is entirely up to us. Money should be used for the good of mankind but unfortunately money corrupts the human being and Satan uses this knowledge to entice from the path of God.

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