Money ~ Wealth Gurus

Money ~ Wealth Gurus
Money unleashes power. Money makes the world go round. Money is the route of all evil. Sentiments that invoke reactions to affluence which most aspire to and few achieve. Money is income for many, unattainable for others, capital for some and depending on how it is invested stocks and shares can be worth millions of dollars, pounds sterling, euro, dinar, dirham or yen.

Wealth gurus are people who encourage other people to invest money in them to learn how to make money. You have to spend money to make money! They do not encourage you to work for a living because their mantra is:

“To earn enough passive income to pay for the lifestyle you desire.”

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. People from every generation and nationality use gurus to enhance their lifestyles spiritually, mentally or financially. Money is motivation for many corrupt and pointless philosophies.

People will pay money to listen to others tell them how to gain the wealth and happiness they now possess. People ignore the fact that it is them, listening to the gurus and buying their products, who are making them rich and happy. How many of the people listening actually ever become able to earn enough passive income to pay for the lifestyle they desire as their gurus do?

Financial gurus sell you their ideas in products such as books, CDs, DVDs and live seminars. They persuade you to buy their products so that you too can become rich and happy like they are. Most of their persuasion is destructive and encourages greed. Everything is preordained so what you receive on Earth, including money, has already been decided for you by God. As the saying goes, ‘You get what you deserve’.

Chapter 9, verse 51
Say, “Nothing happens to us, except what God has decreed for us. He is our Lord and Master. In God the believers shall trust.”

Satan will use people to trick others into believing that money is the answer to all the insecurities and problems they have in this life. Satan knows that money is a sure fire way to grab a few souls and he knows those who are weak enough to succumb.

‘The Secret’ was sold as an amazing lesson into how to create the riches and wealth we desire. The idea is that by putting your wish out into the universe you will draw it to you. Repetitive chanting of mantras will give the mind-set needed to want what is desired so badly that it will come. Imagining great wealth at your disposal will make it come true. Having everything you desire will make your life complete. If only this was true. Every wealth wizard jumped on the secret bandwagon.

Having all the trappings in life is fine but what people really want is the freedom to buy them and do anything else they want without having to actually earn a living to pay for them. The gurus bring in what they earn by what is paid to them buy those who want to be millionaires overnight too.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money but what if tomorrow you became a millionaire? Ask yourself what do you need? Then ask yourself what do you want? Do you just want money for the sake of having money, or do you need money to help others beside yourself? Spending money to learn how to become rich will not generate income or make you wealthy. Only the gurus get rich. All you get is an empty wallet and a head full of knowledge that you could have thought of for yourself.

Inspiration is free and comes from the One who has more brilliance than the entire human race. When it comes your way take it gratefully and use it with the brains you were given. Do not rely on others to create your wealth and happiness. Everyone has a purpose in life but making money is not the purpose of life. With great wealth comes great responsibility and some are not prepared to take it on.

This life is but illusion. Money can only buy illusion. Coinage will not be required in the Hereafter. A nourished soul is requisite for entry into Heaven. If wealth in this life is your goal make sure it is used well.

Chapter 3, verse 10
Those who disbelieve will never be helped by their money nor by their children, against God. They will be fuel for hell.

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