Reducing Toxic Chemicals - Tips

Reducing Toxic Chemicals - Tips
The Environmental Protection Agency “reversed a Bush administration decision and ordered federal facilities and private companies to provide more complete reports on any toxic chemicals they release into the air, water or ground” starting July 1, 2009. Lisa P. EPA Administrator says “People have a right to information that might affect their health and the health of their children ...and the environment in our communities.”

“Toxics are currently found in nearly all consumer products – from food, electronics, household cleaners, clothes, water supplies, to personal care products,” says Terra Wellington, “These toxics affect your health – both short and long term.”

Terra adds “Although there are MANY toxic chemicals you can avoid simply by choosing cleaner products or organic foods, here are four top offenders you can immediately try to avoid.”

Terra offers the following to Avoid, for better health and safety.

No chlorine says Terra “Read labels of household products and cleaners, and stay away from chlorine because any product with chlorine harms your water supply and pollutes your air. Simple choices include chlorine-free paper, toilet paper, and cleansers.”

Avoid VOCs “This is the short way of saying Volatile Organic Compounds, which are toxic gases that pollute your air. The most common VOC offenders are carpets, flooring, paints, some plastics, and household cleaners. Look specifically for the product to be labeled with zero or low VOCs – of course, zero is best.” Terra

No BPA Terra strongly advises “Currently a hot-button issue in many states, with legislation to ban this chemical. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a toxic chemical that is used to make plastic #7, lines the cans of many of our canned foods (including infant formula), and is found in a multitude of other consumer products including electronics. It is best to not buy any plastics for food or beverage that are made from plastic #7, especially baby bottles and sippy cups. Also, ask your public officials to ban BPA.”

Stay away from PFCs, these are perfluorinated compounds. “Any product that is grease resistant probably has a coating of this compound, including stick-resistant cookware, microwave popcorn bags, dental floss, and carpets. And in a UCLA study, women who had higher levels of these compounds in their blood had fertility problems. The solution is to look for PFC-free products.” says Terra

Terra Wellington is a frequent television contributor on healthy living issues and the author of The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home. For more information you can visit Terra’s blog also a more detail list on toxic chemicals are listed in Wellington’s book.

Source and Contact: Terra Wellington

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