Droid vs Android

Droid vs Android
Android was a startup company in Palo Alto, CA. In July 2005, Google acquired Android. Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White, cofounders of Android, all went to work at Google. This was the beginning for Google’s entrance into the mobile phone market.

Two years later in November 2007 Google announced the introduction of the Android mobile platform. Joining with Open Handset Alliance the development and distribution of the Android platform were launched.

Close to three years later Android is fast becoming the mobile phone platform of choice for both consumers and developers alike. Today the Android platform is causing excitement and confusion for the mobile market. iPhone seems to have been caught off guard by the success of Android and quickly made adjustments in their marketing strategy. It is like reviewing the competition between Apple and Windows all over again. Apple has closed or difficult development procedures, yet very rich powerful products when released. Apple does not have open source code and no willingness for the independent developer to enter into their world. So it does not surprise me that they have been caught off guard.

Android Mobile Phone Platform is open source and independent developers have taken hold of this treasure and exploded. Google chose to allow the free market to drive their development and product and the results are strong and compelling. A few short years ago the cellular market was closed to everyone but those directly approved and related to the communication industry. With Android the mobile market has opened up everyone. A mobile phone/PDA is no longer solely for businesses or the communication industry ~ it is for you and me.

Although Android is becoming a household word there has been confusion with the naming of cellular phones. Questions like, ‘What is the difference between a Droid and an Android?’ To put is simply, lots! A Droid is the name of a cell phone and the Android is the operating system on a cell phone. There are many ‘Android’ phones which simply means they are running the Android operating system. You have the HTC Android Phones, Samsung Android Phones, LG Android Phones, Motorola Android Phones and Sony/Ericsson Android Phones. Inside each of the types you will find names like, Droid Incredible, MyTouch Slide and htc EVO. The Android phones are improving daily and are beginning to take the shape of the iPhone ~ Just look at the much anticipated htc EVO by Sprint.

Below are a few new phones hitting the market.

#1 ~ First known as HTC Incredible, the Droid Incredible was scheduled to be released by Verizon on April 29, 2010. It follows the HTC standard and is running the Android 2.1 with Sense UI, a super fast processor.

Below you can take a look at the specs:

Android 2.1, Google Experience Device
3.7 OLED display
virtual QWERTY keyboard
8 MP camera
1 GHz Snapdragon processor
8 GB internal memory
up to 16GB microSD support (optional)
next generation Sense UI
Gmail, Exchange, Facebook contacts

#2 ~ MyTouch Slide Pictures

The MyTouch Slide version 2 is the newest Android phone by T-Mobile. The market is expecting to see this new version sometime middle of May.

#3 ~ HTC EVO

Sprint will be releasing the HTC EVO somewhere between June 1st and 15th with the most likely date to be June 13, 2010. Why this date? This is also when the new iPhone is scheduled to be released and this seems to be a marketing strategy adopted by Sprint to make some publicity before releasing the HTC EVO.

These are just three of the approximately 25 different phones available today through many carriers. Compiling a complete list is daunting but in the works. It seems that you buy the newest and greatest today only to have it replaced within a few months! The Palm and Blackberry markets seem to be silent, probably rethinking their marketing approach. I am excited to see what the next few months will hold.

Below is a chart that came from TechCrunch. It shows a steady growth of the Android market and the steady decline of the iPhone. With each new upgrade and new APP published this chart will find the two meeting in the middle very shortly!

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