How to Make a Tiny Rose

How to Make a Tiny Rose

My daughter is absolutely wild for wrist corsages lately and makes them out of fabric, silk roses or knitting. That inspired me to see if I could make a miniature "finger corsage" or flowered ring.
The first thing I needed was a ring, so I made a simple ring in green Delica beads that was 6 beads wide.
Then I started working on my centerpiece flower.

For the flower, you'll need
Size 15/0 Japanese seed beads
Thread to match, I used S-lon
beading needles

Read all instructions, the diagrams for the final couple of steps just mark the beads for what you're supposed to do.

Because it can be hard to pull a knot through a ring of size 15/0 seed beads, I used a stop bead to start it with. Put a stop bead on by putting your needle through a bead that's not the same color as the beads you are working with, go around the bead, then back through it so the thread loops around the bead and holds it in place, leave enough of a tail for weaving in the end.
Then put on 10 beads. Remove the stop bead, and tie the ends in a knot.

Go through the next bead, and then add 8 beads. Skip 1 bead, and pass needle and thread through the next bead, then back up through the last 2 beads added in the 8 beads, add 6 beads, skip 1 bead, pass needle and thread through the next bead, and back up through the last 2 beads of the added 6 beads. Continue in pattern around until you reach the last space, add 4 beads, go down through the first 2 beads added on the around, and through the bead you started this round on.

Now for the part that was pretty hard to figure out a way to diagram, so instead of diagramming it, I marked the beads. You'll be adding loops of 5 beads to create the petals.
Pass needle and thread through the first marked bead, add 5 beads, skip a bead, pass needle and thread through the next marked bead. Continue around to make 5 petals.

After you finish the final petal on the first round, pass your needle and thread through the next spoke and the first bead on the 4 bead space. Add 5 beads, skip 2, go through the next bead and the bead following it, pulling tight to close the gap between the beads. Add 5, skip 2, go through the next 2 beads, continue that way around.

Weave back to the original ring, and put two 5 bead loops across the center of the flower. I marked the beads I used but I know it's hard to see in there at this point so just add in the loops however looks good to you.

Weave thread to bottom of the flower. Weave in the tail from the beginning of the ring.

To assemble the ring, you'll need
a leaf shaped sequin, mine is Gutermann brand I picked up at a local quilt shop
some tiny flower shaped or round sequins to make little accent flowers
Size 15/0 green seed beads, I use light green to contrast against the dark green ring and sequin
Size 15/0 yellow beads, just a couple for flower centers.
Put the leaf sequin on the needle and thread of the flower, and stitch the flower to the ring base securely. Weave in thread, and finish it off so it's secure.
Now using white thread or thread to match the size 15 green seed beads, weave the thread in the beads on the ring, and securely tie down the start.Start adding little fringes around the main flower. Like making a real corsage, it kind of depends on what you think looks good. I used short leaf fringe and added the tiny sequins to that.

When you're happy with how it looks, weave in the ends and finish securely.

There's your little finger corsage! You can use the same flower and fringing technique to embellish a lot of things. If you want to make a full size wrist corsage, I recommend looking into French beading techniques.

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