Top Ten ~ Publishing an eBook

Top Ten ~  Publishing an eBook
Publishing an eBook is challenging. Why do some become best-selling eBooks while others are destined to fail? I have compiled a top 10 list that will ensure you of a successful, if not best-selling, eBook!

1. Topic

It is not about having a unique topic as much as it is about your KNOWING your topic. Do your homework. Learn everything about your topic. If possible, experience your topic. Many famous fiction authors talk to those who subject matter they are writing about ~ you do the same! Do not rush this stage. It is NOT about your topic, but what you know about your topic, firsthand!

2. Key Points

Once you decide a topic then identify key points. What are your wanting to get across to your audience? Pick 5 key points and stick to them. Without knowing the key points your eBook will wander with no purpose.

3. Unique Perspective

A unique perspective can be a new subject or an expanded subject already written about. Whether is be an eBook about chocolate or how the earth was created, you perspective needs to be yours. If it is uniquely your perspective the reader will know and trust your opinions more readily.

4. Research

Once you know your topic, your key points and what makes your perspective unique you need to back everything you write with research. It does not matter if you know your subject, readers will want you to prove yourself to them. Show them you did your homework!

5. Reader’s Perspective

The most successful eBooks are written from the reader’s perspective. Always consider the reader and what they are experiencing, feeling and struggling with. Know your audience and write to that audience. By doing this you create a bond not easily broken.

6. Word Pictures

One of the best ways to learn is by example. Include graphics and images whenever appropriate, but always use your words to describe what you desire the reader to visualize.

7. Easily Understandable

Remember, your readers have not done their homework. They want to learn from your knowledge and creativity. Write at a level that is easily understood without being condescending.

8. Personal Touch

Most successful eBooks are not written like a ‘textbook’ because they are considered too distant and dull. eBooks by nature are uninviting. They do not have the feel or smell of a nice hard bound novel so you need to write in such a way to keep your readers interest. Help them read your eBook with your own personal touch!

9. Proofread

This is a MUST! Not only for spelling but grammar, format, punctuation and flow. You have just spent months on your eBook and your eyes cannot be critical. Return readers will be rare if they see your book as sloppy.

10. Formats

Decide on what format you will write in. In today’s market this is becoming easier, but not simple. Make sure a person can view it in a PC or MAC and then do some pondering on what eBook compiler your eBook would best be served in. Where you are going to market your eBook is also a consideration for which eBook compiler you choose.

Keeping these 10 points in mind you CAN write and publish a best-selling eBook!

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