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2012 Predictions for eBooks Part One star
There are many predictions about the year 2012. The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and this is predictec the day the world is going to end. Nostradamus made cataclysmic predictions regarding 2012.

2012 Predictions for eBooks Part Two star
More 2012 Predicitons for eBooks, eBook Readers and autors.

Authors Should Consider eBook APP's star
Everyone that is in business will be in some type of APP this year. I personally want to be in some semblance of control as to what APP’s and how I am actually represented. How you present yourself will inspire someone to purchase and read your eBook.

Dedicated eBook Reader or Tablet? star
Shopping for an eBook reader? Today there are more choices than ever before. This is both good and bad news. Do you want a dedicated eBook reader or tablet? Do you want eInk technology or full color? This is a dilemma facing shoppers.

eBook Lawsuit ~ Consumers Win! star
What does this mean for the consumer? According to The Amazon Kindle Team, the settlement will bring lower prices for the consumer on Kindle books in the future.

eBook Lending star
Libraries are seeking ways to enter the mobile market. This past September Amazon turned on their Kindle for 11,000 local libraries to lend eBooks to their customers.

eBook Reader & Eye Strain star
Reading on an eBook reader using e-Ink technology is just like reading paper. Reading requires good lighting and proper font size to ease eye strain. Reading on a tablet is a whole new challenge. Many young adults say they do not get eye strain. This is just not true.

eBook Reader & File Formats star
There is much confusion about eBook Readers and the formats accepted. When you are shopping for an eBook Reader, it is essential that you understand and review the file formats accepted.

eBook Reader Observations star
One thing is sure, eBooks have changed the way people read. They have made reading fun, convenient and entertaining. What was the last eBook you read? Read about some key observations about eBook readers in todays marketplace.

eBook Reader or Tablet PC? star
Since Apple introduced their iPad interest has intensified in mobile gadgets. eBook readers began seeing increased sales. Today just about every manufacturer has some type of tablet and/or eBook reader they want to sell the consumer. The choices are vast and can be confusing.

eBook Readers & Android star
There are so many changes happening in the reading world that it is hard to keep track of them all. I regularly search the Android market for eBook readers just to see what is out there. Many work just fine while other I cannot get to work at all. Let me list a few that I have found.

eBooks & Self-Publishing Choices star
You have often heard how difficult it often is to get published. I believe this assertion is true. Whether you are publishing a novel or starting out in the job market, it is difficult.

eBooks Readers Are Watching You! star
The rise of digital books has created a profound view of how people read, thus transforming reading into something quasi-public and measurable. EBooks are providing information that links behavior with sales figures. EBooks now show how people purchase books but how they read them.

eBooks vs Print ~ Where do you stand? star
I am hearing that fewer people are reading either type of book today, but those who are reading are reading more and in many different formats.

How To Choose and eBook Reader star
To help you decide which eBook Reader you will need to know what to look for. There are many varieties available so knowing the features and designs are becoming increasingly more important.

Project Gutenberg star
Project Gutenberg is a diamond that many eBook enthusiast are not aware of. Project Gutenberg carries high quality items that were previously published on paper by true publishers and are free in the United States because their copyright has expired.

Top Ten ~ Publishing an eBook star
Keeping these 10 points in mind you CAN write and publish a best-selling eBook!

What Are The eBook Readers Today? star

What Is In A Word? eBook Glossary of Terms star
The eBook industry is fairly new and along with a new industry there are many industry specific words. I have compiled a listing of the most common words I am asked about to help you learn the lingo of eBooks!

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