Skin Care for Female Athletes

Skin Care for Female Athletes
Women who participate in sports are faced with a variety of skin problems that might be generated from changes in temperature, blisters, irritations or trauma. Depending on the sport, female athletes often experience an overexposure to chlorine, the harmful rays of the sun or extreme hot or cold temperatures. All these conditions can play havoc with the skin of a female athlete.

Between training and competition, the skin of female athletes typically experiences an overabundance of sweat and dirt. Being exposed to these conditions day in and day out can damage their skin leaving it looking dried out, tired or older looking. Athletes certainly want to excel in their sport, but most want to look good whether they are competing or not.

One of the most common conditions female athletes are confronted with is body acne typically caused by form-fitting clothing and sweat. Most athletes wear some form of spandex that tends to trap excess sweat against their skin. As the sweat mixes with the body’s natural oil a film is created that clogs their pores and blemishes or acne appear.

Another condition female athletes often face is dryness. With constant exposure to pool chlorine or hot and cold conditions the skin’s moisture content is significantly reduced. This often causes the appearance of skin lines, wrinkles and flaky skin.

There are a number of steps female athletes can take to keep their skin healthy and glowing:
  • Be sure to moisturize. This helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and flaky skin and this includes individuals with oily skin. There is a vast number of moisturizes on the market and it might be necessary to try several before finding the right product. If your skin begins to flake or breakout, it’s not because moisturizing isn’t necessary, it’s because you have the wrong type of moisturizer for your skin.

  • Use a gentle touch when you wash your face and use tepid water. Excessively scrubbing your face will only cause irritation and blotchy skin. Clean with gentle circular motions using a mild cleanser. Rinsing with tepid or cold water will close your pores keeping dirt out and pore size smaller.

  • Pay special attention to your mouth and eye region. This is where fine lines and dryness seem to appear first and where they are most noticeable. This are needs extra moisture and you should look for anti-aging creams.

  • Don’t forget the sun block. This especially important for athletes involved in winter sports. Not only are you exposed the sun’s direct rays, you are also exposed to the sun’s reflection bouncing off the snow. This tends to intensify the sun’s effect.

  • Be sure to take care of your lips. Dry, cracked lips can be painful, not to mention unattractive. Always wear some type of lip protection or aid.

With a little extra care, your skin can look soft, smooth and young looking. So give your skin the time and attention it deserves.

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