How to Apply Eye Shadow

How to Apply Eye Shadow
When it comes to beauty, it’s hard to beat a gorgeous pair of eyes. They reveal innermost feelings and can be the most expressive feature of the face. To make eyes look their best, it’s important to know how to correctly apply eye shadow. Proper application starts with knowing the shape of the eyes.

Eyes come in a variety of shapes and configurations. Even set eyes – meaning that the distance between the eyes is equal to the width of one eye – are ideal. But all eyes possess a loveliness of their own, no matter what their shape. By using a few tips for your eye shape, you can maximize the beauty of your eyes.

Almond shaped
The ideal eye shape, almond shaped eyes offer the most flexibility when it comes to eye shadow. To achieve a basic look, cover the entire eye area from lash line to brow bone with a light-colored shadow. Apply a darker shade along the edge of the outer corner and crease, creating a sideways “v” shape. If desired, add shimmer to the middle of the eyelid.

Deep set
Deep-set eyes are more recessed into the eye socket than other eye shapes. They reveal little of the eyelid when open. To make them stand out, apply a light color to the lids. Use some shimmer if desired. Then apply a medium shade slightly above the crease and blend upward.

Close set
Close-set eyes have less than the width of one eye between them. Emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes helps to create the illusion of even set eyes. Use a lighter color on the inner corners of the eyes and apply darker colors to the outer corners.

Wide set
Wide-set eyes have more than the width of one eye between them. To bring them closer together, apply light shadow to the lid. Then apply a darker color to the inner corners of the eyes.

Protruding eyes sit out further in the eye socket than other eyes and appear to bulge. The key to working with protruding eyes is to apply a dark color close to the lash line and on the lid. Apply a somewhat lighter color to the crease and brow bone.

Downturned or droopy
With downturned eyes, the outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner. To give them a more lifted look, apply a light color to the lids and brow bone. Using a mid-tone color, start slightly in from the outer corners and sweep shadow over the crease toward the inner corner of the eye. Leaving a small gap at the outer corner of the eye, sweep the darker shade over the last third of the mid-tone color, blending it into the crease. Avoid dark or mid-tone shades in the outer corner of the eyes.

Combination eye shapes
Some women have a combination of two eye shapes. For example, some people have eyes that are close set and deep set. In that case, eye shadow should be applied combining the techniques used for both eye shapes. It sounds complicated, but a little practice will improve technique.

Other factors, like color and size, also matter when it comes to eye shadow application, but it all starts with eye shape. Correctly identifying your eye shape, and knowing how to apply makeup correctly for that eye shape, can help you to express your uniqueness and intensify the beauty of your eyes.

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