LiveBrush and Photoshop Logo Project

LiveBrush and Photoshop Logo Project
LiveBrush is a new drawing software that's perfect for creating simple logos. In this tutorial, I will be drawing a simple candle that can be the start of a logo. I will be using the Pro version of LiveBrush. It's only ten USD and in my humble opinion it is worth every penny. But if you are using the free version, you can still follow along with the tutorial.

Open LiveBrush and let's create.

  1. If you are using the Pro version, you can choose one of the preset canvas sizes. To choose a preset canvas, click File – New to open the dialog box. I've decided to keep the default canvas.

  2. For this logo, I will be using one of the basic brush styles, called Smooth. This brush style is the default style when the program opens. I also decided to keep the default black color. However, check out the Tools Settings panel for other options.

  3. At this point, I have two layers in the Layers panel. One is the Background layer which is locked and on top of that is the Paper layer. Because I will be using the logo in many ways, I will need to start working on a transparent layer. But, the program will take care of this for me. It will create a new layer each time I start to draw.

  4. Select the Brush tool and draw the first two lines of our candle. Remember that LiveBrush uses the speed of your mouse to determine the thickness of the line.

  5. Next we can draw the top and bottom of the candle. I used a curved line for the top to suggest the roundness of the candle.

  6. I used another curved line for the flame. I started and ended the line by crossing the ends at the top. This suggests that the flame is pointing upward.

  7. Sometime long ago, an art teacher told me to always give the subject of my scene a surface. Otherwise, the subject just floats there in space. So the last line for the logo was a line slightly under the candle bottom.

    Now that we have drawn our candle for the logo, let's export the image in a format that we can use in Photoshop. We have the option to export as an image with all layers flattened into one layer. This will flatten all our brush strokes onto the Paper layer. Our second option is to export as an image with the layers flattened together but on a transparent layer. Let's use the second option.

  8. Select all layers that contain a brush stroke. Click File – Export – Export Layers to Image. This will give you a png image that you can open into Photoshop.

Livebrush product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from David Fasullo.

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