How To Practice Divination

How To Practice Divination
Divination involves predicting the future, and learning to do this can enhance your spiritual practice. There are two steps to learning about divination. First, you decide upon a divination method. Next, you acquire a divination tool. And here is the question that we are all wondering about: does divination actually work? That depends upon your natural abilities, your state of mind, your level of experience, and whether you have chosen the divination method and tool that work best fit for you.

But does it work? The future is ever-changing, based on our choices. It is not set in stone. Therefore, it is like tracking sunlight flashing on moving water rather than studying a static pattern preserved in ice. Some of us are more gifted than others at seeing the kaleidoscope of possibilities. Some are more in tune with the gods, who may be inclined to warn us what could occur. Therefore, it is often hard to tell if you are predicting anything accurately. Your life might be in turmoil, which means that your present-day choices are causing the threads of your future to whip wildly through many different possibilities, and that can cause a chaotic reading. By contrast, those living a peaceful life can do a divination for themselves and immediately identify major changes that appear on the horizon.

State of mind I have no real talent for divination, but I do my best by making sure my state of mind is strong before I attempt it. First, I take care of all physical needs such as getting enough sleep and eating a light meal. Anything too heavy and you might want to doze off. Next, I take a shower. There is a reason why witches do the ritual bath – to feel clean and to remove the psychic sludge from the everyday world. Then I sit in a comfortable chair and meditate for five minutes to clear my mind. All this creates a strong state of mind. It also makes me receptive to picking up impressions from the future. I find it FAR easier to predict for myself than for other people. What about you? Needless to say, no one should practice divination while drunk or high. No one should do it while influenced by strong emotion or imbalanced brain chemistry. Divination is a subtle art that requires patience and detachment.

You gain experience by practicing often, writing down the predictions and results in your Book of Mirrors, and analyzing all the variables such as your state of mind, your divination method, and your divination tools. Soon you will fine-tune what works best for you.

Choose the divination method that feels like the most natural fit for you. Some methods require tools such as Tarot cards, runes, pendulum, Ouija board, ogham, scrying, and tea leaves. Others do not such as monitoring your dreams at night and looking for signs in nature. You can use one method or several, depending on your circumstances and mood. The most popular methods are probably dreams, Tarot, runes, and pendulum, but each of these is only effective if it feels right to you. Try a few methods. For example, runes appeal to many heathens and followers of Asatru. Ogham will call to green witches and those from Celtic traditions. Tarot appeals to the artistic, and there are about a million specialty decks available right now on every conceivable theme from Faeries to Vikings. Your intuition will lead you to the ones that fit you best.

Chose the right divination tool if your method of divination requires one. This is the fun part; now you get to shop! Probably best of all is if you go to a pagan event or to your local metaphysical bookstore and actually handle the pendulums and runes and Tarot decks. You may feel a sensation of heat or cold in your hand when you touch the tool meant for you. Your fingers may tingle. Or you may have a sense of urgent attraction. But if you can only shop online, that is okay, too. We humans are visual creatures and often are attracted by sight alone. I have bought all my divination tools online after much thought and have not yet regretted a purchase. On, you can find The Rider Tarot Deck which was my first Tarot deck. It’s not a bad place to start.

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