Laser Beauty Treatment Basics

Laser Beauty Treatment Basics
It seems every few months we learn that laser beauty treatments are the solution to something new. Frequencies of (sometimes painful) light, applied to different parts of our bodies can get any number of fantastic results, like a magic wand from a fairy godmother.

Buyer beware: many of these treatments are expensive and time-consuming, some require hundreds of dollars per treatment with 6-10 visits to achieve desired results.

Why are treatments so expensive?

Laser treatment technology is often patented, with only a handful of companies manufacturing the specialized equipment. Technicians are specially trained, licensed and insured and some procedures are restricted so that only physicians can perform them.

Acne - For acne and scarring, several treatments including pulsed light and resurfacing are available. Pulsed Light claims to kill the bacteria and change the oil production of your pores, lessening and eliminating breakouts over time.

Resurfacing literally resurfaces the top layer of your skin, allowing a smoother, scar-free surface to emerge after treatment. Many acne sufferers find these treatments a godsend, while others have found them only marginally helpful.

Vein Therapy - For spider and other dark or unsightly veins, a laser is used to close the surface level capillaries and literally erase the presence of veins from the visible surface of your skin.

Laser Vein Therapy may take several treatments but does work. Some treatments will be in conjunction with injections or other therapies. Talk to your doctor about your unique needs.

Collagen - A laser is used to stimulate the skin, causing it to create more collagen and function as its younger self would. Several treatments may be necessary. This is a non-surgical option, and is often used in place of injections or implants.

Tattoo Removal - Lasers breakup the pigment under your skin and allow it to be reabsorbed and processed by the body. This can take several treatments with lasers of varying frequency, and depends on the colors and size of your tattoo.

Hair Removal - A laser is targeted at the patient’s skin follicle, burning it at the root, underneath the surface of the skin. Because the laser energy travels down the pigment of the hair, dark-skinned or fair-haired people may find the treatments less effective than lighter-skinned people with dark hair. Hair falls out in cycles, with up to 10 treatments in one area to finally eliminate all hair growth in a target area.

A Word of Caution about Laser Beauty Treatments

Anyone considering laser treatment or therapy should ask for references from friends and colleagues, comparison shop, and take advantage of free consultations before agreeing to any course of treatments.

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