Embrace Your Greatness

Embrace Your Greatness
As an African-American, I am quite proud of my heritage. Although my heritage includes other ethnicities; it is the African-American ethnicity that I identify with; especially because that is who people see: a black woman. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in all my heritage. However, it is the struggles of the African-American that I share in.

I take pride in who I am, and where I come from. As should you. Because there in lies our foundation.

It is Black history month, yet we should never wait to celebrate our heritage just once a year. Every day should be a celebration. A celebration of life -- by living life to the fullest, and being thankful for the opportunities that our fore-fathers and mothers afforded us, through their blood, sweat, tears, and very life. Each day should be a celebration in our souls--our spirits--that we get another day to achieve greatness.

What is your greatness? Greatness, to me, is not necessarily defined by what we do but by how we do what we do, and what for. A person may never be recognized for the things they do in life. Some may never say thank you. So I take this opportunity to say, thank you.

Oftentimes we over-look those that spend their lives cleaning up after us, taking care of us in so many ways, that we do not see their "greatness". We are at times blinded by materialistic and selfish ambitions, and cannot see what is right before us.

One's greatness lies within their ability to do what they do, with joy and self satisfaction. It is to do what you do, to the glory of God, and not to man.

I couldn't be the woman I am today if it were not for the greatness of my fore-fathers and mothers. Those that were Kings and Queens, who became slaves. Those slaves that were beaten, ripped from their families, humiliated and denigrated, but somehow found the courage to push through. To those who worked menial jobs, scrimped and saved, and provided for their families. For those that taught us how to pray, to have faith, and believe that God is a promise keeper of His Word.

To those that fought the fight for equality; on the front lines, and behind the scenes. To those that lost their life fighting the good fight and never giving up on treasured dreams. To those who passed the torched, and ignited the fuse to keep living for God, and to never give up on the promise -- Knowing that one day our reality was once our ancestor's dream. To all of them I say thank you, for their greatness, and shaping who I am.

Be Blessed, and embrace your Greatness.

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