The Florida Abortion Ban

The Florida Abortion Ban
The sun is not shining for choice in Florida. Legislation has been filed to move forward the passage of the Florida for life Act. The creator of the bill is Republican Representative Charles Van Zant. Co-sponsors of the bill are Chris Dorworth, Mike Horner, Ronald Renuart, & Mike Tobia. All of them are republicans, & all of them, are men.

The bill is a Ban on Abortion. All abortions to be banned, even in cases of rape & incest. It does provide some very blurry exceptions, in cases of the health of the mother, or whether the pregnancy is medically deemed viable. However, in addition it allows First degree felonies to be charged against Doctors who perform abortions, punishing them with civil fines & life in prison. Life.

I’m not sure if they thought we wouldn’t notice. Maybe they think, Floridians, &/or Americans in General, are idiots. But if you are making it illegal for Doctors to perform abortions, then who is it exactly, that a woman would go to, in cases of the pregnancy being a risk to her health, or the pregnancy not being viable?

I’ve always found some comic relief, in the men who fight for a ban on abortion. Excuse my ovaries, but shouldn’t you have some clue, as to what you are talking about? You have no female reproductive organs, you’ve never been pregnant, and you have never been faced with the decision of what to do next. To me, you’re not even close to qualified. And yet, our constitution allows for you to introduce this legislation.

That same constitution however, allows women to fight against it. We are not lesser people. You cannot tell us right from wrong in regards to or own bodies. I will fight it. Many of us will fight it. And I am confident, you will not win.

Here is what you can tell me. What have you done to put a stop to the homelessness in Florida? The numbers are 56,000 +. Those numbers are actual people, already born. Are those not lives? Wouldn’t a homeless woman have a very difficult decision to make, if she were to become pregnant? She surely doesn’t have access to birth control. She doesn’t have access to food.

Which brings up, the numbers of Florida’s uninsured. They are staggering. 2,800,000 + Floridians are without health insurance. Wouldn’t the abortion rate go down, with proper health care, and access to family planning? I didn’t just come up with that thought on my own, did I? So where is the bill for Florida's uninsured? They are as well, already born. They are lives. Who is protecting theirs?

Florida’s unemployment rate is 11% +. The government has yet, to approve another extension. The current extension, ends for millions, not just in Florida, but the country, this week. Surely the unemployment in Florida has a great impact, on the homeless numbers and the uninsured. It also heavily effects a woman’s decision regarding abortion.

Tell me gentlemen, what are you doing to change any of these other issues that plague women, men, & children? Born & unborn. And shouldn’t the people already born & living take precedence?

What do you think?

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